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The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood



The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood

The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood


The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood

Vitamin B12 deficiency with Dr Brian Clement

Studies show that those following a typical animal-based diet require more vitamin B12 than those who do not. This is because the typical diet leads to digestive atrophy. Because B12 is peptide-bound in animal products and must be enzymatically cleaved from the peptide bonds to be absorbed, raw food vegans who have a more powerful digestion actually get more B12 by reabsorption from the bile than they do from external food.


Vitamin B12 deficiency with Dr Brian Clement

Today I want to share some simple but often neglected “Must Dos” when you decide to complete a training session.

1. Warm up specifically – obvious but amazingly not carried out in particular with resistance training. Whether you are going to be doing cardio or resistance or a mixture it is important to warm up specifically. So if you are going to run, then do a light run. If you are going to do the rower then row for a few minutes. If you are going to do weights then do the specific exercises at 50% of the expected high intensity weight.

2. Stay Hydrated – forget your sports drinks and energy drinks just drink water. And make sure to drink water before, during and after the training session. The other drinks create false temporary spikes in energy not to mention your insulin levels (trigger to fat storage!) If you don’t remain hydrated then your performance will be effected. Remember we are at a minimum 70% water.

3. Keep workouts short but intense – don’t fall into the trap of the low intensity fat burning zones that are splattered all over the cardio machines and on posters on the wall. Use your common sense or as I like to call it “uncommon sense” – the harder you work the more effective it will be. ANd even if you are superman you will not be able to work hard and long. So focus on short duration high intensity for maximum results.

4. Step it Up – Our bodies are amazing machines with incredible recovery so make sure to step it up each and every session. Once you have stimulated the body through the exercise and fed it good recovery foods you will physically be capable of increasing your workload each and every session.

5. Focus Focus Focus – last but not least. If your mind is not focused on the job at hand you will quit (or definitely decrease workload) when the going gets tough during the session. What is driving you to complete the training session? What is the carrot at the end of a few weeks? Keep your mind on the prize. It is there for the taking.

Implement these 5 tips and your results will be much improved. Keep mindful of these 5 tips before every training session.


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Motivational Quote of the Day

Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. ~ Anonymous

This is a very powerful message and make sure you heed it.

We so often find ourselves worrying and stressing about situations and occurances that we have no control over.

And we also focus alot on that which we can’t do instead of  focusing on our strengths.

We all have been given incredible gifts and talents so focus on what you can do not what you can’t . Also focus on that which you can influence instead of what you can’t.


Exercise Tip Of the Day

Easing stress and anxiety. A twenty-minute bike ride won’t sweep away life’s
troubles, but exercising regularly helps you take charge of anxiety and reduce
stress. Aerobic exercise releases hormones that relieve stress and promote a
sense of well-being.

If possible I often suggest that people exercise during their lunchbreak especially in a very demanding and stressful job.  It will break up your day and you will return to work rejuvenated and reenergised and feeling much more positive and less stressed. Your productivity will go through the roof.

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Nutrition Tip Of The Day

Avoid ready made fruit juices.

More often than not these are loaded with sugars and preservatives.  When shopping make sure you never purchase those fruit juices on the normal shelves. If you are going to get some make sure to get them out of the refrigerator as the reason they are there is that they are made from actual fruit and will go off if left out of fridge.

Those fruit juices on the shelves are made from concentrate and loaded with sugars to preserve them and give them long shelf life.  Also check out the nutritional breakdown and you will be shocked at the % that is actually fruit vs sugar.

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Do you eat porridge or oatmeal in the US?

Or do you avoid it like the plague looking at it as something plain and disgusting?

Or maybe you like it but would like it to be a bit more appealing

Well today I will share with you what I do each morning and I really look forward to my porridge.

I just use water with the oats and stir it until it is starting to fix together. I then put in some rice/almond milk and keep stirring. This creates a creamy texture. It is important to make sure that the mixture doesn’t get too dry, Need to keep certain amount of liquid in the pot all the time

And voila there you have a very appealing and tasty bowl of porridge. I see it as a treat as it is very tasty and filling and so nutritious.

So give that a go and let me know what you think.

I have spend years educating people on the importance of good nutrition and how it is also important to keep a balance between eating healthy nutritious meals and also allowing yourself a cheat day where you can eat your favourite foods.

However one thing I have been adamant about is to NEVER EVER eat McDonalds and this morning a good friend of mine posted this shocking video on facebook which illustrates just why you should never eat McDonalds.  A long time ago a friend of mine worked in McDonalds so I got the insider secrets and besides this video another one is that the apple slices(or whatever they call them) are actually made of turnip and they are deep fried for an unbelievable 27 MINUTES!!  I will always remember when I was about 7 going to McDonalds with my mam and she had one. Despite it being on the table for 5 minutes when I took a bite it nearly burned the mouth off me. I couldn’t understand how it could still be so hot – well my friend revealed why

You must watch this video and also please get as many people as possible to visit this page as the world needs to know what they are not only putting in their bodies but more importantly their kids.

Help me spread the message

Dave Sheahan is regarded as the World’s #1 No Holds Barred Elite High Achievement Consultant. He is the author of “6 Weeks to a Cover Model Body” & “Body and Mind For Life”.  Dave is also an international speaker running his own events.  He has played a role in coaching thousands to achieve their dream bodies including a number of celebrity clients.

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A fatty liver is one of the least things that one would like to have. We all know the importance of the liver in our body; it is one of the vital organs that we need to take care of. A fatty liver is a condition that we should not take sitting back instead it is something that we should focus on and prevent from worsening. We must work hard to avoid the fatty liver that has affected our body.

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If you are worried that you do not have the budget for expensive treatments then do not be. There are still some measures or methods wherein you do not need to pay much and without worrying that it may not work out. If you want to get rid of your fatty liver and you want a non-invasive way to do it then here comes the solution to your problem.

This is the solution brought about by a veteran nurse named Dorothy Spencer. You do not need to spend much on expensive medications as well as other therapies which may hinder you from performing well. Surgeries may be a good alternative but you need to have an ample amount of money for it. Conditions like fatty livers need not to be taken in panic. But it should be addressed properly.

In this guide you will be able to know how to eliminate liver destroyers, foods that you need to avoid and eat well, how you will be able to change your lifestyle manage to avoid your mistakes as well as how to do a liver flush. There are also other things you will learn about this guide.

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