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How to live healthy – healthy living tips


Want to live healthy?

Want to know how to live healthy?


It’s possible to learn how to live healthy. Here are some tips on how to live healthy. Each tip is a bite-sized nugget of healthy living information you can actually use.

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Healthy living Tip#1: Nutritional Supplements and nutrition for healthy living:


According to me, nutritional supplements and nutrition are very necessary and very beneficial- especially when combined with healthy well balanced eating habits, as it is very difficult to get all the nutrients from the food alone, that our body needs to accomplish certain task of our body your body. That being said, the one supplement everyone should be taking is a good multi vitamin/mineral.


Along with nutritional supplements a good nutrition is also very important for healthy living. As we all know that –WE are what WE eat. So, before knowing how to live healthy, know how to make a conscious effort to gradually improve your eating habits, – GO for healthy menu – try to add food like nuts, berries, peanut butter, olive oil, greens, chicken, whole grains, etc. to your food menu.

Eliminate unhealthy menu – try to avoid foods like fried food, saturated fat, fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, etc. from your diet menu.



Healthy living tip# 2: Exercises


There are numerous benefits of regular exercises including stronger bones, improved libido.  Try to make a perfect exercise plan. Go for regular exercises at least 3 to 4 times a week but not more than 45 minutes to 1 hour a day. Choose combination of cardio and strength training exercises



Healthy living tips# 3: Stress Management and Sleep


Stress management and taking plenty of good sleep, both activities are essential for healthy living and your path to better health. Try to find a way to manage your stress, In order to combat with stress, try to go for a yoga or meditation classes for your good. You can also perform any deep breathing exercise in order to reduce your stress.


Take plenty of sleep every night. Getting enough sleep each night is equally important when you consider your body uses this time to repair itself. Also, avoid eating late night.

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A Natural and Healthy Lifestyle.

Program your mind to always be living a natural and healthy lifestyle and the body will soon crave it. Imagine that the body is your engine and give it the very best “fuel” and conditions to prevent diseases. The body is amazing in its ability to constantly work towards restoring a state of optimum health. Once you realize the benefits, and then put into practice the steps necessary to achieve them, a natural and healthy lifestyle will become second nature to you. A natural and healthy lifestyle is sustainable which is of great benefit to nature and to our children. That alone is a reason to shift to a more natural lifestyle.

“Where the mind leads, your body must follow!”.

12 tips on healthy living – how to live a natural and healthy lifestyle:

Eat organic and unrefined food.
Drink water or make your own juice.
Prepare food in a way that doesn’t “kill” the food.
Grow organic vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries.
Use natural resources as wild berries, herbs, mushrooms.
Eat to live, don’t live to eat.
Spend more time outside, and live in harmony with nature.
Use natural alternatives to medicines when possible.
Compost your wastes and recirculate as much as possible.
Reuse and/or buy second hand, give away things you don’t need.
Follow your intuition (listen to your soul), follow your heart, dare to be yourself.
Practice meditation and yoga.


Find your special natural and healthy lifestyle.

It is unattainable for all to do all the things on this list – it is apparent that if you live in an apartment on 32nd floor in New York it’ll be difficult to grow your own vegetables. A good alternative is to buy organic grown vegetables. For many it may also be a problem to find organically grown vegetables close by. Organic green superfoods and vitamin/mineral supplements can be a good addition to your diet if you can’t find organic products.


Start out small – set goals!

My best advice is that you simply discuss with your spouse, partner and or kids what changes you would like and wish to do in your life, in order to have a more natural and healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to implement all of the 12 tips on healthy living. Start with one or two. When you are making this a family matter it is easier to accomplish as you can support one another when necessary. It is most probable that you have different wishes and needs.

Write down your goals and put them on a place where you easily can see them. Don’t try to change everything from one day to another. Take one step at a time. Soon it will become a new habit and then you can introduce the next step. If you do this you will find that it is not hard. And when you notice the effect it has on your wellbeing you will be inspired to continue – the ball is spinning.


Example of a goal could be: (make a deadline).

I want to lose xx pounds.
I want to get rid of my belly fat.
I don’t want to expose my children for additives, artificial preservatives or pesticides.
I want more energy.
I want to cure my colon problems.


Your main goal should be to live a HAPPY NATURAL LIFE! Bring it to mind it’s never too late to begin – Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Start implementing a few of the tips on healthy living today.

I have made a follow up article “Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle – And Some Healthy Living Quotes!” where I write more about the positive effects a natural and healthy lifestyle have on our health and Mother nature. You’ll be amazed when you realize how big effects a few changes can make on your life.


Important! Never stop any type of treatment your medical professional has prescribed for you without counseling with him first.

Mona Kristin Jensen is the owner of Happy Natural Life. She wants her Web page to be a place where you can find inspiration and information to live a happier and healthier lifestyle, more in harmony with yourself and Mother Nature. Her motto is “Be Yourself and Be Happy – Never Stop Dreaming!

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