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The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood



The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood

The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood


The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood

14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver

14 Foods that Cleanse the Liver

Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

In the video below DR Michael Greger talks about the top causes of death sometimes prevention is better than cure enjoy the videos  DESCRIPTION: Death in America is largely a foodborne illness. Focusing on studies published just over the last year in peer-reviewed scientific medical journals, Michael Greger, M.D., offers practical advice on how best to feed ourselves and our families to prevent, treat, and even reverse many of the top 15 killers in the United States.

Dr. Greger uploads a new video every weekday to, the first non-commercial, science-based website to provide free daily updates on the latest discoveries in clinical nutrition. Subscribe for free at

More information about this presentation in particular can be found at…

Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

15 Ways To Live Longer And Feel Better

In today’s post we shall be discussing 15 ways to live longer and feel better. Although this may not be the be all and end all or a specific exact routine on what you should do or A Health perfectionists plan. Following some of our guidelines should definetely increase your health and well being tremendously in the long term..

Of course which changes you decide to make are entirely at your own discression.

As we are not medical professionals please do not take any advice as medical advice just our own opinions based on research we have done..

1. Avoid all fillings that contain mercury. In some cases you may wish to remove the fillings you already have as studies have shown that they can cause serious damage to our bodies even decades after being put into our mouths.


avoid fluoride 2. Avoid all fluoride – Fluoride was a poison used in concentration camps by the Nazis to poison the Jews and keep them docile.. It is added to water in many countries throughout the world and in toothpastes in fact toothpaste comes with a health warning..  If swallowed please seek immediate medical attention, even if you do not swallow the toothpaste your body still absorbs about a third of it when put into your mouth.. When this is done over many years it can add up to a huge concentration of it in your body..

Some tips to avoid fluoride- read  the labels and buy a toothpaste that does not contain fluoride. And make sure you filter all water before drinking using a high quality filtering system to remove all contamination from it..


3.Avoid swimming in swimming pools. Chlorine is another chemical that can also cause long term damage to your organs and can also cause skin problems. If you want to swim either make a natural swimming pool, which uses plants and filters to filter the water or alternatively you can swim in the sea..

4. Do not vaccinate!!!  Yes I said do not vaccinate your children or yourself..dont vaccinate

This is a fear mongering game used by the big pharma corporations to spread fear and panic and create sickness and disease in the process which they can make billions from every year. Which then causes more fear and panic.. Don’t buy into it find out the facts  first..

5. Keep your body alkaline.. Many diseases like cancer and many other diseases need an acidic and toxic enviroment to live in. By keeping your body alkaline by eating more green foods more natural fruits and vegetables you are helping your body to combat and protect itself against some of the worst killer diseases we are surrounded by…drink more water

6. Drink more water – If you imagine your body being like a fish tank ! If a fish tank does not get it’s water changed or cleaned regularly it becomes toxic.. And the fish dies the same thing happens if you do not drink plenty of liquids preferably water..  Your body gets toxic and then becomes susceptible to many various diseases caused by the toxicity in your body.. So drink at least two litres of water per day to keep your body in optimum condition..

7. Milk Is Poison – Milk is not good for you it is good for the farmers and it’s a good way for the government to make money from you do your own research.. And if you want to know the real truth do not visit the governments websites ..  Unless you want to become little red riding hood asking the big bad wolf for advice…buy superfoods

8. Find out some of the superfoods and health supplements that are available and start adding some of these into your diet on a regular basis and see the changes it brings to your health and vitality..

9. Buy yourself a Vitamix or a high quality blender and start making health dairy free ice creams and a juicer

10. Buy a juicer and start juicing fresh fruit and vegetables on a regular bases..  Countless people have cured themselves from cancer by just juicing alone .

11. Buy healthy saucepans .Throw out toxic teflon and aluminium pots and pans as they are very toxic. Do some research on the subject I did a taste test recently on this and you would be amazed by the results…

12. Try to keep stress levels and worry down .Take adequate relaxation time or meditate and take life easy go out for a walk in the forest or buy the sea. Stress causes all kinds of diseases life is too short to be stressed and worried when you are dead you won’t  worry .. So why worry now?earthing

13. Get grounded. Grounding walking in your bare feet in the sand, grass or just hugging a tree will ground you and help to remove lots of radiation given off by modern equipment and technology try it some time and see how you feel  for yourself..

14. Stop Soft Drinks They Are Highly Acidic and also Aspartame..  This is absolutely deadly unless you want cancer and lots of other diseases stop this immediately.  Find out more about aspartame.. It is added to crisps, diet drinks, chewing gum and thousands of foods you mightn’t even think of.

15. Go vegan stop eating milk dairy meat and fish , And watch these videos to find out why.




15 Ways To Live Longer And Feel Better

Today is cheat day in the Sheahan household after 6 tough days training hard and folllowing rigid nutrition plan.  We are all salivating at the thought of todays cheat :

Vegan Choc Chip Brownies with Choc sauce and Vanilla Icecream!!

My favourite!!!   I can’t wait

What is your favourite cheat meal?

Key thing though is on “Cheat Day” make sure it is not a 24 hour binge.

Cheat meal is sufficient. With it being 2nd December many have started to wind down, get lazy and break their good habits already. Make sure you are not one of them.
There is no reason to make christmas indulgences last a month or more.

Keep on track right up to Christmas weekend, enjoy it and then get back on track around 27th Dec. Why go through so much effort only to ruin it now???

Are you going to commit to me that you will keep with your exercise and nutrition program up until 22nd Dec?


Motivational Quote of the Day

A pessimist sees only the dark side of the clouds, and mopes; a philosopher sees both sides, and shrugs; an optimist doesn’t see the clouds at all – he’s walking on them. ~ Leonard Louis Levinson

I love this quote.  It is so important to see the positives.  Too often we focus on the one “bad” thing we did or didn’t do instead of the 10 incredible things we did.

You have incredible potential within you.

Exercise Tip of the Day

Exercise At Home Tip : If you Like chinups then invest in the portable chinup stations that you just fix into the door frame. Great invention. And chinups are fantastic exercise if you want to develop the V shaped back and ladies that does not have to be the more male “bat wing” like back but nice slender and toned shapely back.

If cant do full bodyweight then use a chair and distribute your weight on it so that you can complete reps.

Nutrition Tip of the Day

Vary your grains when it comes to bread.  Bread these days contains so many preservatives etc.  A few decades ago bread was real homemade bread with not more than 3 or so ingredients. Now you look at the back of a sliced pan (loaf of bread) and the ingredients list is as long as your arm.

ON that note if you see “hydrogenated” anything in the ingredients drop it. Regarding the grains try spelt bread, rye bread, oatcakes, rice cakes, etc.
If you’d like to get more of these, healthy and delicious recipes, plus a workout programme that helped hundreds to lose weight fast, join our Home Workout System.


Do you eat porridge or oatmeal in the US?

Or do you avoid it like the plague looking at it as something plain and disgusting?

Or maybe you like it but would like it to be a bit more appealing

Well today I will share with you what I do each morning and I really look forward to my porridge.

I just use water with the oats and stir it until it is starting to fix together. I then put in some rice/almond milk and keep stirring. This creates a creamy texture. It is important to make sure that the mixture doesn’t get too dry, Need to keep certain amount of liquid in the pot all the time

And voila there you have a very appealing and tasty bowl of porridge. I see it as a treat as it is very tasty and filling and so nutritious.

So give that a go and let me know what you think.

The so called passive barrier is the reason why most people don’t exercise and many teenagers are obese. With daily health tips, you can learn what to do to keep yourself fit and healthy. However, daily health tips can only provide you the ideas, tips and advice to get you started. It is you, who is responsible for your health. Others can help, but only to a certain extend. If you are really committed to taking care of your body, rest assured there is help available.

Where can I find daily health tips? Rest assured you can find them almost everywhere. However, keep in mind, not all advice is good advice. The tips you get should come from someone who knows what it is about daily healthy living. It should not come from someone who thinks or projects himself as an expert, even as he has little knowledge of what he says. You can call them quacks. They are the most dangerous parties to get advice. When it is something related to your health, you have to be extra cautious about where to take daily health tips. There is an infinite number of websites, newsletters and blogs delivering health related content. At least a few of them are going to be good.

What does daily health tips newsletters and other content have? They usually come with ideas and tips on food & drinks, exercise, mind exercise and the like. You will also find guidance and tips on vitamin supplements, mineral supplements and a lot more. Every now and then, you can easily find the daily health tips to your help and for your health. However, reading them doesn’t make you healthy. However, if you apply what you read, you can get the benefits.

We talked about passive barriers at the start of this article. What it means is that you don’t do something unless you have a strong enough motivation. This motivation can be a goal, prize, etc. The motivation can also be flight from a potential danger – like the slaves would do their to escape from the whip. You will pay your taxes just on time to avoid penalties. When it comes to healthy living, people somehow don’t see the motivation. If you can find daily health tips newsletter, blog or something like that, you can get some motivation. Then again, it is your decision to act on the guidance that helps you get a perfect, healthy body.

Keep update yourself with daily health tips by online health sites and fit your body by everyday health tips online with health Care Tips Online Dot Com

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You have a right to define your expectations on whatever aspect of life you are researching on. So, it is the case when you are trying to get the best way you can deal with the pressures of health in your general life. There are several resources that promise you better health and you will be able to have this kind of health.

The various tips that are available on health would help you in almost all aspects of health that you would think of. You can be sure that you would find them very real and up to date.

Health tips for beauty

If you are not sick and all you are interested in is to enhance your looks or beauty, you would have to find the best tips that would help you have the ideal beauty that you want. The tips are still available for free. They will help you in terms of shape and even facial and skin and hair beauty.

Health tips for weight loss

When you need to lose weight, the kind of tips that you would get would also be termed as health tips. When you have the ideal weight, you would be healthy and that is why, you need to consider the tips keenly. If possible, it is best that you make use of all of them.

Health tips for disease prevention

Diseases can really weigh you down and make you lose hope in life. Even when some of them have treatment that works, the pain is not worth it. the tips can help you forget about the pain and prevent diseases from getting into you completely.

Health tips for fitness

Some of the tips that you would come across are those of regular body exercise. Sometimes you would even see how you can burn the fat and build muscles. This would contribute to fitness which is best for you. So, it is true that the tips can help you get fit and on shape.

Health tips for nutrition

Nutrition is a very crucial aspect of our health. You can be sure that when you take the tips seriously, you would never miss out on the best nutrition that you actually should be keen on.

Health tips during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very delicate period both for the mother and the unborn child. There are tips that would help this mother know what she needs to do so that they are both healthy and go through the period without any stress. She will be able to find this very important for her health and her baby’s.

Health tips on drugs

Drugs are good because they cure disease and keep us well. They can be poisonous when they are taken for granted. There are tips that would help you know what you need to do especially when you are on drugs or on any kind of treatment.

So, the many health tips that you can see are important for various aspects of our lives. You can be sure that when you take the weight loss tips as part of your general health awareness routine, you would be happy in life.

There is no health care without applicable tips. You need to find out how you can make the best use of the health information to promote your health and life. Visit to know more.

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