Raw spaghetti salad

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Raw spaghetti salad

Today I got a new kitchen tool – Spiralizer. It’s a very nice little machine to instantly get beautiful spaghetti, spirals or ribbons. It can make spiral shapes and spaghetti from all firm-fleshed fruit and vegetables. So my today’s creation is delicious spaghetti salad.

Raw Spaghetti Salad

For this salad you need:

1 zucchini

1 cucumber

Sprouted Alfa Alfa

Sprouted Aduki beans

2 tomatoes



Spiralize zucchini, cucumber and tomatoes.Add them to your favorite salad dish. Chop finely scallions , add sprouted Alfa Alfa and sprouted Aduki beans. Season with salt and pepper (optional).

I used a dressing made of Olive oil blended with Basil.

For my sons I decorated it with sunflower shoots. Enjoy

Raw spaghetti

Raw Spaghetti Salad, decorated with Sunflower Shoots

Raw spaghetti salad