Raven Symoné On Health & Beauty Tips

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Follow Twitter: www.twitter.com Fan Facebook: www.facebook.com Hollyscoop.com caught up with Raven-Symoné at the “18th Annual Race To Erase MS” Charity Event. Raven gives us the scoop on Health & Beauty Tips and her new show, “The Great State of Georgia”. Interview by Lindsay Caldwell / Twitter: twitter.com For up-to-the-minute celebrity news, visit www.hollyscoop.com Celebrity Photos http Celebrity Videos videos.hollyscoop.com
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jennifer lopez gives some of her own health & beauty tips/secrets 🙂 In studio with Yesi Ortiz- power 106 la
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42 responses to Raven Symoné On Health & Beauty Tips

  1. she looks like the black version of nicole richie

  2. Now she looks like Paula Abdul

  3. “Cool Beans!”


  4. I FREAKING MISS HER!!!! <33

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  6. RAVEN U BETTA COME TO MANCHESTER GURL!!!! FORGET FRIGGIN LONDON!! manchesters where the partys aaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt!! ;D LOL !! i LOVE U!!! u betta get over here!! 😀 al recognise u nmo doubt gurl wooooooooo!!

  7. I can take my hair off and just be me loooool

  8. @nickelwindow53 She lost the weight over a long stretch of months. She’s still humble, as you can see if you watch her interview on The Monique Show. She said she doesn’t get celebs can get conceited because they’re such a small piece to the whole bit of your management team, fans, hair and make up, promoters, and the industry people that give you a chance. Sounds humble to me. Plus, she can make fun of herself 24/7. Humble.

  9. You guys quit thinking that everyone who loses so much weight is doing it unhealthily. She might have not lost so much but because she is shorter it shows much quicker than compared to taller girls. This is true. Also, she hasn’t really been in the spotlight much so she’s had enough time to lose weight. I think she is still a great role model but being healthy overall is also a good thing. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel healthy.

  10. @nickelwindow53 Raven as always thought she was the shit

  11. crazy4corbinbleux November 1, 2011 at 4:39 pm

    “cool beans” wtf? Lol Ray…

  12. omg…She is looking skinnier every day!

  13. Adam14charmedlover November 1, 2011 at 5:33 pm

    @nickelwindow53 i know right !

  14. @Adam14charmedlover I am worred about her too! Its not normal for someone to drop that much weight overnight like that.

  15. Adam14charmedlover November 1, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    @nickelwindow53 NOOO I love her haha…I can’t wait to see her new show…but I’m worried about her 😛

  16. @Adam14charmedlover I am so over her I dont even like her anymore….cool beans lol

  17. Adam14charmedlover November 1, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    @nickelwindow53 I know right ! It’s so sad…I mean I remember her show and she was such a happy, positive person no matter how ” chubby ” she might have gotten…and now she’s just…I don’t know…it’s like she changed completely.

  18. @zarahandzope OMG she is! I used to like how humble and real she was now she is a little bitch! She lost that weight and got a few to many complements and it all went to her head. She things she is the shit now! I am sure she is throwing her food up. How else would she lose all that weight that fast.

  19. @Adam14charmedlover yeah she clearly is throwing up, but she wouldnt lose all that weight on her so fast!

  20. @StackyTacky She had brest reduction I heard to get rid of her tips

  21. wooow really Raven Symoné thats really hot i miss the lady i want to see you on movies

  22. aha fuck shes such a snobby bitch now

  23. Adam14charmedlover November 1, 2011 at 11:17 pm

    Okay so I just watched the video…did she develop an eating disorder…is she doing drugs ? That is not the Raven I know. She’s skinny, her eyes are puffy and black…she twitches alot. It’s either drugs or Bullimia.

  24. Adam14charmedlover November 1, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    I miss thats so raven 🙁

  25. WTF Where is the Tits and The Ass.
    NOOOO When you was on Wendy u was fiiine

  26. @brandie7654 Yeap she is ghetto! Thats why I never understood why she was so popular. She’s a cheap ho!

  27. @brandie7654 You would think by now she would take some diction classes!

  28. omg my cousin got to meet jennifer lopez awww and she didnt invite meee hahah jk love u yesi

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  35. She talks ghetto for real

  36. Yes she is, I love Jennifer Lopez 🙂

  37. Then where’s the probleme ?? I don’t find anything bad in her talking.

  38. Damn she is sooooooo beautiful!

  39. is it me or is she talking really hoodish with a deep voice “bronx accent” there probably in the bronx. am i overreacting listen to her voice its very deep and bronxy.

  40. OMG love jlo she is soo beautiful and she is best….

  41. soooo cute jlo!

  42. Thanks a thousand!

    Lovin the hair