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The theory that dogs better the immune of babies that grow up with them is proven to be true, decade after decade of being challenged by worried non-owners. But it is not just the immune system that benefits – there is a wide specter of psychological and physical benefits of keeping pups and babies under the same roof.

puppies and babies

A friend like you

Childhood is tough, but a dog will always be there for you, to scare away monsters under the bed, and bullies. The bond between a child and their dog is unbreakable, as dogs are a constant source of comfort. For adults and children alike. Cuddling with a warm, furry dog is a great way to relieve stress and relax.

Going for a run

It’s hard not to be active with a dog in the house. Puppies are an especially energetic lot that take a lot of time and physical maneuvering to handle, but older dogs need to go out for long walks, too. Your child will pick up the habit of going out at least once a day from an early day, and this will stick. Hey, it’s at least 10 minutes away from the monitor!


A dog is not a toy, but a family member. And as a family member, if it needs help with something, other members of the family have to help it. And since dogs can’t do many things on their own – open doors, go for walks, go to the vet, and for goodness sake, feed themselves, you’ll be doing that all the time. Once your child is old enough to take over the leash, they too will have a little living creature to look after as if it were their own child. If your child is a digital native, or simply tech-savvy, tap into their desire to start shopping online by teaching them to look for pet food online, and tasking them with the job of keeping Fido’s panty full. Naturally, this is a great way to boost confidence, responsibility and empathy. It is known that dog-people are the most empathic.

Health goes both ways

Some people are terrified of all the horrible germs they can pick up from dogs, but the fact is that families with dog simply get sick less often, all thanks to these germs. Fewer allergies, fewer illnesses, stronger immune systems… these are all guaranteed! And it is the very germs that pets bring in from outdoors that strengthen a child’s immune system the most.

The love of a dog

A man walks a dog. They meet an acquaintance and stop to chat. The man chats, and the dog, on a leash, waits with a look of pure adoration in its eyes. The love our pets have for us can only be compared to a mother’s love, something that is until the end of the line. Children know this, and return the love. Time spent with a dog makes you a happier individual, sending your serotonin through the roof! Not to mention that dogs are fun – you can always rely on them to lift your spirits.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘yoga’? If your first association to the name of this ancient Eastern discipline involves images of slim, wiry men and women twisting and stretching their bodies into positions that go beyond what most people consider possible, you’re not alone. According to medical studies, yoga has extremely valuable effects on both the mind and the body, but it doesn’t boil down to exercises alone: more than a simple workout routine, yoga is a way of life and it has specific diet norms which aim to maximize health benefits of the practice. Due to increased muscle activity, minerals, vitamins and proteins play a highly important role in the overall nutrient intake – and here, we have a short list of diet recommendations including whey protein drinks for yogis which you may want to check out if you’re considering going all Zen and no stress.

Yoga and Nutrition

Diet your way to yoga success

Just like most exercise regimens, yoga has a number of positive effects on the body, including weight loss, increased flexibility, boosted vitality and general wellbeing. Still, to get the most out of your yoga session, you will have to make some slight adjustments in your daily diet: not all foods are conducive to yoga progress and improved physical condition, especially not the products packed with added sugar, fat, artificial flavors and preserves. Empty calories found in most processed foods do your body no good – they simply cancel out exercise effects. Instead of reaching for a candy bar or box of chocolates, have a tasty post workout drink after yoga class: an excellent way to refuel and rehydrate the body, H2O is precisely what your organism needs after a tough yogic stretch. If you don’t drink plain water, coconut water or lemonade will do the replenishing trick nicely, while smoothies and shakes prepared with whey or soy powder will make a great post-class recharge drink.

Recommended nutrition for yogis

Foods that go best with the yoga practice include products and ingredients that are usually recommended for any other strenuous workout program. Proteins, minerals and vitamins are critical in the yogi diet as they assist post-exercise recovery, energy restoration and muscle building. For best results, stick to fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and wholegrain products as these provide all the nutrients your body needs to recuperate and thrive in circumstances of increased physical activity. Though organic food is preferable, it is not a must if you can’t find or afford it. Also, you can vary fresh and frozen fruit and veggies depending on the season, budget and greenmarket offer. For a healthy snack, grab some granola bars, protein drinks and protein-enriched smoothies as these provide a quick top-up for your drained cells and they also help build muscle mass and deter post-workout strain and aches.

Yoga and Nutrition

Proper proteins in yoga diet

Proteins are extremely important in the yogi diet as they help prevent muscle soreness after the workout. However, not all protein sources are equally good: most protein-packed foods are also rich in saturated fats which can prove health-detrimental in case of regular or excess intake. The best yogic protein sources include lean foods like tuna, chicken and fatless beef, as well as fat-free or low-fat dairy products like skimmed milk and yoghurt. Vegan and vegetarian yogis can get their precious proteins from nuts and seeds, peanut butter, tofu, tempeh, soymilk, sprouted-grain bread and quinoa. Another convenient option for yogis is whey protein – thanks to its quick absorption, bone-building properties, immune boosting effects and easy digestion, a protein shake made from whey powder will make a tasty and highly nutritious post-workout snack, and you can make it on the go for maximum ease of use.

On your quest to achieving mental, physical and spiritual balance through yoga, diet is an important factor which can considerably impact your exercise efficiency, stable energy level and post-workout recovery. Proteins are highly important in the yogi diet, and the best way to get the most out of your every workout and stay healthy and fit is to reach for protein supplements such as whey powder once in a while – your body will be eternally grateful to you for added muscle-building matter.

It is assumed that in the future, osteoporosis will pose a growing medical and socioeconomic problem. Not only can it have a devastating impact on the quality of life of older people, but they can also become a ‘burden’ to their environment and the health system.

Keeping Up with Your Calcium

Advantages of calcium and vitamin D

Good nutrition is important at all ages in order to maintain healthy bones. Calcium intake reduces bone loss and reduces the risk of vertebral fractures. Calcium intake during childhood may be the cause of increased bone density in adulthood. This increase in bone density can reduce the risk of fractures later in life. Calcium is also useful for other organic systems by reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels and regular intake of calcium supplements and vitamin D is useful in the prevention of tooth loss in adults.

Calcium recommendations

General recommendations – Premenopausal women and men should consume at least 1,000 mg of calcium per day, while postmenopausal women not taking estrogen should consume 1500 mg per day.

Calcium in the diet – Primary sources of calcium are milk and dairy products such as cheese and yogurt, as well as green vegetables, such as spinach. Some cereals, soy products and fruit juices are enriched with up to 1,000 mg of calcium per serving.

Calcium supplements – The body can absorb calcium from supplements, as well as from the food. If it is not possible to get enough calcium from a regular diet, consult your doctor to determine the appropriate type, dose and time of supplements.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a common bone disorder that leads to progressive loss of bone density and mass. As a result, the bones become thin, weak and easy to break. The amount of calcium which normally ensures the rigidity of the bone tissue and the bone, which provides the support of the bone is reduced. Such a fragile and porous bones are increasingly susceptible to various physical stresses. Osteoporosis is a major cause of serious disability of older people. Hip fracture caused by osteoporosis can happen in one of three women and one in five men under the age of eighty-five years. Despite the existence of objective possibilities, osteoporosis remains under-diagnosed and poorly treated.


Keeping Up with Your CalciumThe symptoms of osteoporosis

The symptoms of osteoporosis may go for years unobserved. The first sign of osteoporosis is a bone fracture. Symptoms are different for different bones. Pain in the spine is the main sign of weak parietal bones. For years, it leads to severe pain in the lower part of the spine and loss of height. The fractures in osteoporosis occur during normal activities. Generally, it is not about some big trauma. Hip fracture, which usually occurs after a fall, with osteoporosis may be due to some minor accidents and strikes in that area. Regular physical activity, maintaining flexibility of bone and joint structure can reduce the chance of fractures.


A number of treatments can help prevent bone loss. However, the first step in the prevention or treatment of osteoporosis is the use of foods and beverages rich in calcium, a mineral essential for bone strength, and vitamin D, which helps calcium absorption.

Since the diagnosis of osteoporosis usually arrives too late, it is very important to adopt the culture of preventive examinations. Osteodensitometry is recommended for women older than 65 years, women in menopause who have at least one risk factor for osteoporosis, all women with spontaneous bone fractures, people whose height is reduced by at least 2.5 cm and so on.

Dealing with extra weight

It is never easy to work off the extra weight you might have put on, and, it will take patience, time and effort to shape your body perfectly. There are plenty of ways which you can use at home, or at a gym, to shake off the extra, without causing any harm to your body in the process.

Mind the calories in your food

Be careful with your calorie intake, because it will be important to sue up more than you introduce into your body. Besides being cautious what you eat and how much, you should also look into counting calories so that you can make your weight loss speedier. Though, be aware that this will not produce any visible results immediately, and, that it will take time. On the other hand, this method is great for those who want to fine-tune their bodies.

Fill your meal with useful nutrients

For those who want to really work on losing some serious weight, it will be needed to change your meals. Put together a menu that you can follow, and make sure you have plenty of nutrition, vitamins and minerals in them. Make sure to include beans, Greek yogurt, sweet potatoes, strawberry, pistachio nuts to your menu. All this food contains good-for-you fats and vitamins.

Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Not only will it be great for maintaining your body fat, but, it will be great for your overall health as well. Moreover, eating right will benefit your workout sessions, making it easier to strengthen your muscles and to shave off that little bit from the stomach.

Work on your core muscles

Strengthening your muscles is a good way to work off the surplus intake of calories, and, it will be great to become healthier as well.

Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Though, you should not focus on building muscles, rather, try to make it your goal that you concentrate on cardio so that your body can melt away the unwanted fat. Keep in mind that going to the gym is a good way to help your body, and to socialize in the meantime, making it more fun.

Blow off some steam

Many of us have to deal with stress, and if you meditate or do yoga regularly, you will be getting rid of pent up pressure, and, in the meantime you will be helping your body support its weight loss too. The simple exercises might seem trivial, but they help in burning up calories as well.

Lose Weight the Healthy Way

On the other hand, you feel relaxed and calm, which will deter your attention from eating. Moreover, you will enhance your metabolism, making it work faster and better.

Drinking plenty of water

In order to make your body work like a well-oiled machine, you will have to drink a lot of water.  Though, avoid drinking sugary sport drinks, because they will only give you a short burst of energy but have a longer effect on your metabolism. I have learned all about this advice while training in a desert – well actually, when I had personal training in Dubai. Also I have learned that healthy ways to lose weight will guarantee amazing results, but on the other hand you will have to be patient to get there.

Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Find what best suits your abilities

In the end, not all methods will be great for you, and you should never stick to only one. Make sure that you can make a combination, so that you can enjoy the results in the end. Though, be sure to keep track of changes, and, if you notice something out of the ordinary call on a professional. Devising a diet plan and having enough time to work out regularly will mean the difference between an acceptable and great body. Just keep in mind not to take it too far, and to have plenty of rest too.

Nothing heals like Mother Nature. Just about everybody feels immediately happier upon receiving a flower. Smiles that floral presents bring out are authentic, and they are closely followed by a drop in the level of anxiety. Simply put, flowers can cure sadness. It should come as no surprise that offices that are decorated with plants and flowers have more productive employees. Compared to an office without plants, the staff shows to be more energetic and successful in general, and has higher achievements at the end of the workday. Pleasing scents improve our mood, it is a fact, but we also react to colors. Blue entices our creativity and red helps with assignments that are focused on details – both of which are widely represented colors in flowers.

jodie bouquet

The gift of flowers is a rare tradition that survived millenniums. Every religion, culture and nation has a custom of gifting plants. In ancient Rome, women used to wear flowers not just because they believed that they will give them fertility, they believed that with these plants, they are protected from evil spirits. In South Africa, a flower is the only appropriate gift that one can get for Christmas. Chinese students believe that a flower is the perfect present for a teacher, but strangely, they also believe that if you are offering a potted plant as a present, you are expressing your will to keep the relationship on a certain level of distance. All societies used plants in medicinal purposes, long before we had knowledge of the more complex, manufactured chemicals. There is evidence that we’ve used medicinal herbs more than 50,000 years ago. Ancient Egyptians were masters of herbal medicine, and in 1000 AD, doctors in England used plants to heal patients from various infections. Not long after that, all across the globe, people wrote about and felt the need to emphasize the importance of floral treatment of diseases and illnesses. Even today some plants can’t be matched when it comes to their effect as remedies. For example:

Lavender water is the perfect wash for treating acnes, and its oil can help you if you have problems with dandruff. If you have an itch, or an insect bite, oil can calm the irritation. Also, lavender by itself has a calming effect on people, because its scent lowers blood pressure.

Chamomile helps with treating anxiety, stomach pain and digestive problems. It can also act soothingly on headaches, some infections, and it helps with colds and insomnia as well. Combined with some other plants, the chamomile’s medicinal benefits are enhanced.

Roses are rich with vitamin C, and great for dealing with a cough or a cold. From an antidepressant and an aphrodisiac, to a blood-tonic and expectorant, there are so many benefits of the rose. In fact, it used to be grown in medieval times as food and medicine, and not just because it looks beautiful.

tea varieties

On the other hand, even the look of the rose and blooming flower has a undisputable effect on us. It enhances our mood and provides us with the sense of serenity. In 2012, more than 224 millions of roses were grown for Valentine’s Day. We can’t even imagine the number of bouquets for Mother’s Day that were offered as a gift so far, because it is one of the oldest traditions that survived until this day in every culture, in virtually the same form. I guess the connection between our mothers and Mother Nature is a sacred one.

Remember that when you are offering someone a flower, you are offering them happiness. Whatever else you do, you started off strong.

It is a fact that vitamins have a very positive impact on our health and the lack of any vitamin in the body leads to loss of immunity and various diseases. Although we know a lot about vitamins and minerals, the often question is: is there a difference between natural vitamins from fresh ingredients and synthetic vitamins obtained in the laboratory? Theoretically, yes: they both have the same chemical composition and perform the same biological function. In practice, however, the organism easily absorbed vitamins from the fresh food, and furthermore the consumption of fruit and has a number of other advantages over synthetic vitamins.

Fruit salad

Why Go Natural
Most supplements sold are made synthetically and have a small insignificant portion of the vitamins extracted form food. Vitamins aren’t just one chemical compound they are a mix of co-factors, co-enzymes and enzymes all necessary to keep you healthy. For example, synthetic vitamin C only has ascorbic acid unlike natural vitamin C which has a majority of components. The excess ascorbic acid is flushed out while your body breaks down its tissue to get the needed minerals. And every other vitamin has components that work together to keep your immune system working smoothly.


Each fruit is composed mostly of water. Since the human body is 70% water, it is clear how important it is for our health to consume sufficient amounts of liquid. Freshly squeezed juice and fresh fruit are one of the best sources of water for your body and this you cannot get from synthetic vitamins.

Strawberry in water

Good Digestion

Fruits are rich in fibre, and this is something that you will not find in a pill, which is important for keeping your body healthy. Foods rich in fibre, like fruits, help your body avoid certain diseases, such as high blood pressure and diseases of the digestive tract. Most fruits speed up digestion and removal of excess fluid from the body.

Not Expensive

Supplements and various vitamins may be too expensive. Of course there are fruits that are expensive, if not from your area, but you can always turn to domestic products, which are cheaper than tropical fruits and vitamin supplements. In addition, if you do not know what to buy as a gift to a friend who regularly eats fruit, I always go for an order of  a gift hamper here in Sydney and they are usually very surprised.


Preserves the Environment

Production at the factory or laboratory of any kind leaves behind a negative effect on the environment. You don’t have that with the fruit – eating apples, grapes, pineapple does not set before us ethical and environmental concerns and it is known that trees are the lungs of our planet.

Balanced Diet

One or several tablets of vitamins can’t fill you up while with eating fruits, you will kill two birds with one stone. You have ingested enough vitamins for your body you won’t need additional meals and that way you can maintain your ideal weight. Try making one day a fruit only day to cleanse your body of the heavy foods you usually eat.

On the shelves of pharmacies you can find a large number of vitamin products from individual vitamins and minerals to complex multivitamin / multi-mineral mixture and blend of well embedded elements. Although physician recipe is not required for these preparations, you will need expert advice in order to choose the right product, as well as for proper dosing, but with the fruit you do not have to think about that. Synthetically produced vitamins tablets contain a high concentration of vitamins, but excessive use of vitamins and minerals is not advised because your body will need to work hard to get them out of your system.

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