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Having a healthy living is the most important factor in our life.  Most of us know that living with a healthy body is the best path to live happy, to feel better, and to look better. Healthy living will lead us to the point where we can enjoy life to the fullest until we grow old and will never experience anything that might harm us or give us pain.

In this article, we will take you in the world of healthy living and healthy lifestyle.  It is very simple and yet it provides you the easiest way on how to develop yourself up for a better and healthy person. In addition, we will provide you essential information that can be incorporated to your everyday life.

At present, most of the people in the world have fear of different diseases, and we are commonly looking for the best prevention.  One of the best preventive measures to avoid disease is a healthy diet. Remember that prevention is better than cure; this famous line can be applied to anything in this world.

Eating healthy foods is a vital factor to be away from some immeasurable diseases and to have a good condition of our body. Each one of us knows that eating healthy and having a regular exercise will leads us to a healthy lifestyle.  There are a lot of healthy recipes that can be seen in some health magazines.

These healthy living magazines can be purchased from any bookstore in your locality as well as healthy living catalogs where you also find the guidelines of the food pyramid.

Speaking of food pyramid, it is a group of food that tells the importance of eating a variety of food that we need every single day.  It shows the food that we need to eat less, and those that should be eaten much too.  To name one, carbohydrates is the most important food in the pyramid that we should take because it gives us more energy for our everyday tasks, next are the fruits and vegetables group which is high in protein.

However, bear in mind that too much is not good and will have a bad result. Eat only that is necessary and avoid eating food that is more in calories and less nutrients.

Cooking light is the most common way of losing weight. Many of us are suffering from obesity with the main problem of weight loss.  In our present time, natural living is introduced and promoted, the natural holistic living.  Life is full of challenges they say, but we can avoid too much trials, especially when it comes to our health if we are having a healthy living.

If you will notice the vegetarians, or the green living people, you will get to know that what they are practicing is something that is really amazing and fantastic—the organic living. However, the body still requires us to take proteins from various sources, such as eggs, meat, and other poultry products with only limited amount, just to sustain the food pyramid. Having all the things done appropriately, forever-young living will be achieved, slowly but surely.

Some of healthy living articles like this give healthy living tips which are very useful and helpful for everyone who wants to start and act now to gain a wonderful life today and for the next years of their lives. Here are some of the basic matters that we sometimes tend to overlook

Drink pure water for every ½ ounce of body weight. Determine if you are really starving or just dehydrated. Drink a glass of water before the meal but not more than a glass.
Eating healthy is taking in fresh fruits and vegetables. Instead of unhealthy snacks, replace them with fresh vegetables and fruits. Nutrition is found most on the darker ones.
Protein is muscle builder. Good source of protein are beans, fish, meat etc. Again, do not eat too much of it because to the kidney will overwork to filter them.
Starch should be avoided because they are sugar; among them are white bread, potatoes, French fries, and instant oatmeal. Instead, try the grains.
Practice a regular exercise. Make a plan that you can perform without missing even a single session because of laziness. This will increase the metabolism of your body.
Fasting is not a good idea. Instead of the three big meals, replace them with 5 smaller meals in a day.
Fiber is good because it controls the increasing rate of cholesterol within the body. You can find them in legumes, fibrous fruits like pineapple and whole grains.
Fatty acids are good to the body too. So, include them to your healthy living diet. They can make good nails, skin, and hair.

There are some simple yet essential ways to have a healthy living. You can practice them anytime to improve the overall health of your body. If the body is in good condition, the good metabolism will result to good digestion, will result to better flow of the blood, and will give us more energy to perform our daily tasks.

It is a chain of organs and system, and if they all work perfectly, the brain will work properly too, to help us think well of better ideas. You can look and feel better when you perform a healthy living.

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Ellen Hughes, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine; Former Director of Education, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine discusses healthy living and aging. Series: UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public [2/2010] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 17630]

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Staying healthy is a very important part of your life. Many of you follow various commercial methods and health programs to keep you fit and healthy. However, there are many little things that you can easily do to stay healthier. The good news is these are very simple things; you just need to know about them.

Drink Lots of Water – Water is very important to good health and it varies for each individual. You lose water every day through your breath, urine, perspiration and bowel movements. And you must replenish this water loss by eating foods and beverages that contains water.

When you don’t drink enough water your body finds it difficult to carry out its normal functions, this is called  dehydration. Even a little dehydration can make you feel exhausted.
So how much water should you drink everyday (on average) ? Drink eight glasses (8 ounces each) of water everyday. This is a rough average of what an adult should drink, however on a hard working day you should consider drinking more. Water benefits you in many ways which includes, increasing your energy, enhances fat loss (especially cold water), reduces hunger and hydrates your skin making you look youthful.

Eat Whole Grain Meals – Eat whole grain meals rather than whole wheat meals, it will help your healthy living and weight loss. Whole grain meals have very low calorie and fat and provide better nourishment (fiber, vitamins, and minerals).

So what is whole grain ? Whole grains are entire seed of the plant and it contains 3 distinct parts –  the bran, the endosperm and the germ. If all these three parts of the grain are present, it is considered as whole grain.

Bran is the outer seed full of fiber, vitamin B, 50% to 80% of grain’s minerals and contains a healthy chemical called phytochemicals. The Endosperm is the middle part of the grain which contains carbohydrates, some protein and vitamin B. The germ is the inner embryo; contains vitamin B, vitamin E, phytochemicals, antioxidants and small amounts of unsaturated fat (healthy).

Rye, oats, barley, brown rice, corn, quinoa, bulgur, amaranth and millet are example of whole grains. Eating whole grains might lower triglycerides, lower blood pressure, improve your insulin control, prevent constipation, help with digestive disorders and weight management. Moreover, you can eat a lot of whole grains without gaining much weight.

Whole grains with fruits and vegetables are ideal and widely recommended meals for keeping you healthy.

Chew your Food Slowly and Completely – If you feel bloated after eating you are probably not chewing your food properly. Digestion starts in the mouth and not in your stomach as many of you think obvious. There are enzymes in your saliva that play an important role in digestion. The alpha amylase enzyme in your saliva helps in breakdown of starches into smaller elements and the lingual lipase enzyme helps in breakdown of fats. If you don’t chew your food properly the enzymes does not get the opportunity to break down the fat and starches in your food and hence your body cells does not get the energy it needs.
Not chewing your food may result in incomplete digestion, flatulence, heartburn, gas, IBS and other related problems. Also just a portion of the nutrients and vitamins will be absorbed from the food you ate and the rest will be passed out.

So how many times should you chew your food ? Well, it depends on the food you are eating. For example you need to chew on your beef steak lot more than your regular sandwich. The main rule is to chew until you can no longer determine the food by its texture. And remember, you also need to chew on semi liquid foods such as lemon curd, yogurt etc. giving the enzymes enough time to break them down as well.

Chewing your food slowly and properly will result in proper absorption of nutrients in your body, causes you to eat less and still feel full (lose body fat) and also relieves you from feeling heavy after a meal.

Walk Everyday – Walking is probably the most simple yet effective exercise there is. Just 30 minutes of walk everyday or at least 5 times a week will give you a healthier life in the long run. It’s amazing that how many benefits walking can bring and it only requires a pair of walking shoes!

Before you start, if you have medical condition such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, arthritis etc. you must consult your doctor before starting a walking program.
For walking you should wear comfortable shoes, clothes that absorb sweat and remove it from your skin. Also to make it fun, walk with a friend or a pet. Do not try to reach heaven on the first day! Start slowly and over several weeks gradually begin walking faster, going further and walking for longer period of time.

Walking will keep you fit, reduce your blood pressure, diminishes your stress level, reduces chances of heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, manages weight, lowers bad cholesterol, raises good cholesterol and also clears you mind. These are some the major benefits and all these just from walking. So don’t waste time, you can start this from today!

You have taken the time to read this article and now you should take a little more time to put them into use and you will be living a healthier life.

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