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The theory that dogs better the immune of babies that grow up with them is proven to be true, decade after decade of being challenged by worried non-owners. But it is not just the immune system that benefits – there is a wide specter of psychological and physical benefits of keeping pups and babies under the same roof.

puppies and babies

A friend like you

Childhood is tough, but a dog will always be there for you, to scare away monsters under the bed, and bullies. The bond between a child and their dog is unbreakable, as dogs are a constant source of comfort. For adults and children alike. Cuddling with a warm, furry dog is a great way to relieve stress and relax.

Going for a run

It’s hard not to be active with a dog in the house. Puppies are an especially energetic lot that take a lot of time and physical maneuvering to handle, but older dogs need to go out for long walks, too. Your child will pick up the habit of going out at least once a day from an early day, and this will stick. Hey, it’s at least 10 minutes away from the monitor!


A dog is not a toy, but a family member. And as a family member, if it needs help with something, other members of the family have to help it. And since dogs can’t do many things on their own – open doors, go for walks, go to the vet, and for goodness sake, feed themselves, you’ll be doing that all the time. Once your child is old enough to take over the leash, they too will have a little living creature to look after as if it were their own child. If your child is a digital native, or simply tech-savvy, tap into their desire to start shopping online by teaching them to look for pet food online, and tasking them with the job of keeping Fido’s panty full. Naturally, this is a great way to boost confidence, responsibility and empathy. It is known that dog-people are the most empathic.

Health goes both ways

Some people are terrified of all the horrible germs they can pick up from dogs, but the fact is that families with dog simply get sick less often, all thanks to these germs. Fewer allergies, fewer illnesses, stronger immune systems… these are all guaranteed! And it is the very germs that pets bring in from outdoors that strengthen a child’s immune system the most.

The love of a dog

A man walks a dog. They meet an acquaintance and stop to chat. The man chats, and the dog, on a leash, waits with a look of pure adoration in its eyes. The love our pets have for us can only be compared to a mother’s love, something that is until the end of the line. Children know this, and return the love. Time spent with a dog makes you a happier individual, sending your serotonin through the roof! Not to mention that dogs are fun – you can always rely on them to lift your spirits.

Keeping in mind that almost 90% of the peak bone mass is acquired by the age of 18, and 20 by boys and girls respectively, it should be obvious that deposits for fighting the osteoporosis are made in childhood. What is less clear are the ways how those deposits are made. Increased physical activity, for instance, can lead to long-term tissue damage caused by injuries.

Still, the positive impact of physical activity on bone development is too big to be ignored, so if all the precautionary measures are taken, kids should not be prevented from entering the sport fields. Let us look at some of the activities that can benefit their bones the most and what else kids can learn from them.

american football


The most popular sport in the US involves a wide range of motions from different body parts, so it is obvious that it also benefits a very large number of bones. Playing for a junior football team will also teach your kid time-management and working within a group. Now, football is inherently a harsh collision sport, but in most cases, injuries are nothing more than simple bruises. Do your best to mitigate the potential risk, though, by buying extra padding for your kid and checking for signs of concussion after each practice.

cheer squad


Where you have a school football team, you have a cheer squad to go with it. Unlike many other sports, it requires full-body toning and conditioning, but unfortunately, there is little you can do about the muscle pulls, and ligament strains commonly associated with gymnastics. Still, you can always ask the coach not to push your kid over their limits.

soccer team


Soccer is played exclusively with legs, so it is best suited for strengthening the leg bones, but it makes up for that by providing young players with excellent balance, dexterity and coordination benefits. Also, constant running has a positive effect on cardiovascular health while the fluid play style can improve your kid’s communication and teamwork skills. Keep them safe from common leg injuries with adequate soccer equipment, and allow your kid 48 to 72 hours of rest time between games.

eaglebrook lacrosse


The fastest growing sport in the United States is in many ways similar to football, but although it looks pretty dangerous, lacrosse is much safer than either football or hockey. This does not change the fact that lacrosse is very physically demanding, so it also has a positive impact on kids’ bones. It can also help smaller kids, which are not best suited for football, to overcome their self-confidence issues. As with football, injuries can be prevented by keeping helmets and padding in good shape and on your body at all times during the game.

What we can learn from all of these four examples is that, while the possibility of injury is present in any kind of sport that requires increased physical activity from players, the benefits they provide to kids, both bone-related and those which are not, are more than worth the risk. According to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA), more than 21.47 million kids between the age 6 and 17 are engaged in some kind of sport activity. Take all the precautionary measures, and let your kid be one of them.

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