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Is there actually a way to cure autism?

Autism is nowadays usually defined as a complex disorder or developmental disability which affects a number of developmental areas and disables normal progress of a child who suffers from it. But it was not always like that. In the past autism was classified as a psychological disorder and also a genetic disorder. All of these definitions clearly show one thing – official medicine in the past was not entirely sure what autism is and for all we know the current definition may change in the future also.

Regardless of the definition the symptoms and the consequences for a person with autism are clear and official medicine states that autism is not curable …

Is there actually a way to cure autism?

But the most important question is actually this one – what is the cause of autism? Without knowing the cause, we cannot search for a solution. In the past autism was supposed to be of genetic origin but this no longer holds true. So if it is not genetic it must be something else. One of the most widespread theories in the recent years claims that vaccines are one of the main causes of autism. You may agree with this or not but scientists cannot actually disregard this claim entirely because recent researches show the links between vaccination and autism.

In the past vaccines were simple. Each vaccine was used for prevention of one disease. There was a problem with mercury that was added to vaccines, but that is no longer the cases because as we all know, mercury is poisonous to human body.

So two things changed – mercury was replaced by other additives (we will talk about this in a minute) and children are being vaccinated with a mixture of vaccines at the same time. This creates much more stress on the immune system as now there are simultaneously injected in the body not one, but two, three or even more vaccines at the same time. While the immune system had no problems absorbing one vaccine at the time in the past now it has to deal with much stronger “attack” all at once.

But still our immune system could defend itself from the vaccines injected. The real problem, according to Zoran Dernovsek, innovator and author of the RENS H food supplement, is the additives added to the vaccines to extend their expiry date. He is referring to one additive in particular: Aluminium in nanoparticles. Aluminium is a toxic metal for our body and is being inserted into our bloodstream with the vaccine. Because our body is overburdened with pollutants and toxic substances it can no longer detoxify itself naturally. According to recent studies toxic metals accumulate in our brain and start blocking brain functions which can lead to a number of diseases. Autism being one of them.

The method Dernovsek invented is supposed to open up the lymphatic system which enables the body to clean the brain from metals and thus making a way for the body to cleanse itself. He talks about one particular boy with autism who made a major developmental progress after RENS H treatment and there are more public showcases of successful improvements of medical conditions.

If you are interested in what Dernovsek has to say about vaccines in general, human immune system and his breakthrough innovation RENS H, check out his interview at the RENS H users’ community website.

Is there actually a way to cure autism?

FOSHAN Wheelchair

sponsored  —  August 21, 2017

The FOSHAN city is famous for being the capital of Chinese Kung Fu. The FOSHAN City in Guangdong Province is commonly considered as the modern home of Kung Fu globally. As an economically central city in the Pearl River Delta, FOSHAN began to have different Kung Fu schools which later prospered and become famous worldwide. The FOSHAN city is the hometown of house-hold Kung Fu names like Wong Fei-hung, Leung Jan, and Bruce Lee.

The city is also famous for the creation of The Shadowless Kick, which is also known as the No-Shadow Kick or Ghost-Shadow Kick. It is a martial arts technique in the Hung Gar collection and was made famous by Wong Fei Hung; Chinese folk hero who is believed to have used it to great effect. The shadowless kick has frequently been portrayed in fiction. Often it is shown as a simple but blindingly fast kick, in which the upper body; the head and arms remain still while the kick is done leaving the challenger unconscious of the incoming attack until after it has been made.

 The FOSHAN Steel Manual Wheelchair

The FOSHAN Manual Wheelchair like the Shadowless Kong Fu kick is also made in the FOSHAN city in Guangdong Province. It has many excellent functions like having an aluminum chair frame with Super lightweight, a flip up and height adjustable desk armrest, a foldable wheelchair, a detachable strong footrest, a quick Release PU MAG wheel, a solid castor with carrying and anti-wheel. The wheelchair can carry weight up to 285lbs, has an ergonomic design and super width for extra comfort. With the FOSHAN manual wheelchair you get a lifetime quality insurance. Its high strength steel pipe materials and folding structure gives an additional amazing benefit. Its foot bracket can be turned on and the pedals can be adjusted to preference.

The FOSHAN Manual Wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits and is driven manually.

The Wheelchair is used by individuals who walking is difficult or impossible for, due to illness which are either physical or physiological, injury, or disability. For these individuals, the FOSHAN Manual Wheelchair assists these to become more mobile and independent. Using the FOSHAN Manual Wheelchair makes life more bearable for those who use it because it makes them able to move around freely, do some tasks themselves and feel comfortable. It is easy to maintain and lightweight.

Life with the FOSHAN wheelchair makes users happier, taking away depression and the feeling of loneliness because these users can still do some things others can do, which gives them life satisfaction.

The FOSHAN Manual Wheelchair Description

The FOSHAN wheelchair’s Seat Width is 18.2inch, Height 20.5inch and Depth 15.8inch. Its Back Height is 16.2.inch, Length 32.7inch, Height 36.6inch, and its Width 26.4inch.

The wheelchair’s Folded Width is 13inch, its Front Wheel 6inch and Rear Wheel 20inch. It has a Net weight of 37.5lbs and Gross weight of 41.9lbs. Its Maximum Capacity is up to 285lbs, its Folded Size is 32.7*13*36.6inch, Open Size 32.7*26.4*36.6inch and Shipping Dimensions 34.7*14.6*37.5inch. Amazingly, The FOSHAN wheelchair’s Armrest and Footrest are Detachable. Its ASIN is B073V15BHK and UPC 712179595781.

Just as the popular FOSHAN shadowless kick has been in existence for a long time as an amazing Kong Fu style, this amazing steel manual foldable wheelchair is here to stay with more great features to gives comfort to the special individuals who use it.


Enjoy the FREEDOM MOBILITY by simple click the below Amazon Link:

FOSHAN Wheelchair

Is Plastic Surgery a Healthy Option?


Many technological miracles have helped humanity immensely in improving their quality of life. Plastic surgery is one such miracle. It has helped many people worldwide to enhance their appearance and improve self-esteem; without having any negative impact on their health. In fact it has helped people involved in accidents repair their body.


There are many advantages of plastic surgery. It is true that appearance is not as important as character. However, appearance is important. We all experience this in our day-to-day existence. Society places a great deal of importance upon a person’s appearance.


Plastic surgery is a great way to enhance your appearance. Women tend to have issues with parts of their face, like nose, eyes and cheeks. Plastic surgery is of great help in correcting these minor issues. Many women have made minor changes to their chin in an endeavor to create a softer look on their face.


Plastic surgery has also helped men in enhancing their masculinity through enhancement surgery. After the surgery they have been able to please their partner better. Plastic surgery has helped many in improving the quality of their relationships.


Low self-esteem can have huge negative impact on you as a person and can affect many areas of your life. Plastic surgery helps you to deal with low self-esteem resulting from a physical attribute, by correcting that physical attribute. Post surgery, you will experience a surge in confidence.


Celebrities have benefited immensely by plastic surgery. In their field, beauty is almost tantamount to popularity. Looking good is part of their job. Many celebrities have used plastic surgery very successfully. Academy award winning actress Mary Steenburgen is a case in point.


At the age of 60, Mary is looking much younger than her years. Many believe that her perfect facial complexion is due to thermal fillers called Botox. She is healthy and happy. Click here to know more regarding how plastic surgery helped Mary Steenburgen.


Ann Margret is another celebrity who has benefited by plastic surgery. This Swedish born actress and dancer is 73 years old, or should we say 73 years young. She is a classic example of exemplary plastic surgery.


Ann Margret’s beautiful face is due to effective cosmetic alteration. She injured herself while performing on stage in 1972. Reconstructive surgery fixed five facial fractures, jaw and left arm. It transformed her appearance. Today she is healthy and happy. Ann Margret before & after surgery photos will prove this.


It is important to avail the services of a certified plastic surgeon for any of your procedures.


Is Plastic Surgery a Healthy Option?

Custom Monoclonal Antibodies

Custom monoclonal antibodies have become an incredibly valuable resource for medical research, since this technology was developed in the mid nineteen seventies. Custom monoclonal antibodies are antibodies which have a single specificity and are secreted continuously by preserved hybridoma cells. A hybridoma is a biologically constructed hybrid of an antibody-producing lymphoid cell and a malignant (immortal) myeloma cell.
Let me try and explain custom monoclonal antibodies a little more clearly. Custom monoclonal antibodies are monospecific antibodies, which are the same as they are made using identical immune cells. Custom monoclonal antibodies are different to polyclonal antibodies, which are made from several different immune cells, as opposed to the single immune cells used in custom monoclonal antibodies.

It is possible to produce custom monoclonal antibodies that specifically bind to any substance. Those custom monoclonal antibodies can then be used to detect, or to purify, that substance. The practical implications of the use of custom monoclonal antibodies has had groundbreaking effects on medical research, and the production of custom monoclonal antibodies is now a vital tool in medicine, biochemistry and molecular biology.
In order to produce custom monoclonal antibodies, the first step involves the immunisation of a mouse with an antigen. When the mouse begins to produce antibodies to the antigen, its spleen is removed. Antibody-producing cells from the spleen are then fused with a myeloma cell line, one which is not antibody-producing and has been maintained in culture. The new cell line, which does produce antibodies, is briefly cultured before being injected into another mouse. Finally, the ascites fluid containing the custom monoclonal antibodies is harvested.

There is also such a thing as recombinant custom monoclonal antibodies using this method we research antibodies , where a virus or yeast is used in place of a mouse as the host. Relying on the rapid cloning of immunoglobulin gene segments, libraries of custom monoclonal antibodies are created with slightly different amino acid sequences. From there, antibodies with specifically desired specifities can be created.


Millions of custom monoclonal antibodies have been harvested since this amazing technology arrived on the scene. The development of custom monoclonal antibodies typically occurs in six main phases: Phase I: Immunization; Phase II: Cell Fusion; Phase III: Screening & Selection of Clones; Phase IV: Subcloning; Phase V: Colony Storage; and Phase VI: Supernatant and Ascites Production.
In order to avoid some of the side effects associated with humanised or chimeric custom monoclonal antibodies, two successful approaches have been identified. The first is known as ‘transgenic mice’, which has been the, by far, most effective. The second is ‘phage display’, which allows variable antibody domains to be expressed on filamentous phage antibodies.
Custom monoclonal antibodies have proved invaluable in the treatment of a wide range of diseases and conditions, including cancer, heart disease, macular degeneration, MS, and transplant rejection.



Biomedical Engineering VS Biomedical Science: Which Degree Is Yours?


You love science and have set your heart on a career in medicine. After a long time of weighing up your degree options you’ve narrowed down your choice to biomedical engineering and biomedical science. Great, so now all you need to do is decide whether a biomedical engineering degree or a biomedical science degree is the ideal course for you.


It is vital that you get this decision right, because if you end up on the wrong course you will not only waste years of your life studying something that you are not really interested in, but it will also cost you a lot of money to do so. To help you decide the right degree for you, there are some important aspects you need to take into consideration.


Choosing your degree

While a biomedical engineering degree and a degree in biomedical science can seem similar on the surface the actual skills and knowledge you will gain on these courses will be very different. You need to decide if your personality and educational strengths lie in the more technical biomedical engineering course or whether they are suited to the biology orientated biomedical science course. It is vital that you analyze your strengths thoroughly, even getting a second opinion from someone who knows you well, in order to have a good idea about which course you are more suited to. Keep in mind that it is not just about which course you are suited to, but also which degree is suitable for your own goals and aspirations.


Career path

Deciding on what sort of career you want at the end of your degree will be an important factor in determining whether you should choose to study for a biomedical engineering degree or a biomedical science one. If you want a career that is more engineering and design-based then opt for a biomedical engineering course, whereas if you think you would rather have a more research-based medical career then biomedical science is the degree for you. Also, even though you are only considering your degree options now, you should also think further ahead and consider which degree will get you on a post-graduate fellowship program or, if you are already considering on going on for a further degree, which one will be the best at providing the qualification for this.


Which college?

Another important thing to take into consideration is the college you want to study at. If you have your heart set on a certain college then you need to see which degree course they teach and use this as a method of narrowing down your choice. Alternatively, you should also have a look at the break down of the course, what is taught and how, as if it is more theoretical and you know you are better at practical work then this should have some influence on your final decision.


Your application

Remember to keep in mind the differences between these degree courses when writing your application for your chosen college. If you are writing a biomedical science personal statement, for example, you should ensure that you emphasize your biology grades and your interest in research and medicine; whereas if you are writing a biomedical engineering personal statement, you should instead highlight your interest in engineering and technical design.

Biomedical Engineering VS Biomedical Science: Which Degree Is Yours?

NutriBullet Reviews -What is a Nutribullet

NutriBullet vs Vitamix Review – Which Is Best? See for Yourself


NutriBullet Reviews -What is a Nutribullet


Weight Loss for better health

Obesity is a medical condition characterized by excessive accumulation of fat in the body. A person is said to be obese if his/her BMI (body mass index) is greater than or equal to 30. Today obesity is a global issue. According to WHO, more than 10 percent of the worlds adult population are obese.

A person’s chances of getting high blood pressure are greater if he/she is obese. High blood pressure can cause considerable damage to the body. Obesity poses many health risks. As the BMI increases, so does the risk of CHD (coronary heart disease). CHD is a dangerous medical condition is which plaque builds up inside the coronary arteries, thereby narrowing them. This results in reduced blood flow to the heart muscles, causing angina or heart attack.

Buildup of plaque in the arteries may lead to rupture in the affected area. This causes blood clot. If the clot is close to the brain it can impede blood flow to the brain, thereby causing stroke.

If a person is obese, he/she is at the risk of having abnormal levels of blood fats. This again increases the risk of CHD. Obese people are more likely to be affected by type 2 diabetes, which is a leading cause of stroke, CHD, early death, blindness and kidney conditions.

Obesity increases the risk of cancers of the colon, endometrial, gall bladder and breast. Excessive body weight puts more pressure on the joints, thereby damaging them slowly. Obesity is known to cause sleep apnea, reproductive problems and gall stones.

It you are obese, it is definitely advisable to focus on losing weight as soon as possible. Fortunately today there are many effective ways to lose weight. One such safe way is the use of diet pills.

Many brands offer diet pills. Many of them are also available online. It is important to choose those that are safe and effective, like Fat Burners. According to many experts, diet pills with ephedrine are safe and effective.

Ephedrine, which is obtained from Ephedra Sinica plant, is an excellent fat burning agent. It is well-known for its metabolism boosting properties. This naturally occurring substance burns fat very effectively.

Many people who were affected by obesity are benefiting from Liquid Fire Fat Burner. This amazing fat burning supplement is well-known for its fat burning capabilities. This supplement which is offered by GE Pharma uses a high octane delivery system.

Weight Loss for better health