Is there actually a way to cure autism?

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Is there actually a way to cure autism?

Autism is nowadays usually defined as a complex disorder or developmental disability which affects a number of developmental areas and disables normal progress of a child who suffers from it. But it was not always like that. In the past autism was classified as a psychological disorder and also a genetic disorder. All of these definitions clearly show one thing – official medicine in the past was not entirely sure what autism is and for all we know the current definition may change in the future also.

Regardless of the definition the symptoms and the consequences for a person with autism are clear and official medicine states that autism is not curable …

Is there actually a way to cure autism?

But the most important question is actually this one – what is the cause of autism? Without knowing the cause, we cannot search for a solution. In the past autism was supposed to be of genetic origin but this no longer holds true. So if it is not genetic it must be something else. One of the most widespread theories in the recent years claims that vaccines are one of the main causes of autism. You may agree with this or not but scientists cannot actually disregard this claim entirely because recent researches show the links between vaccination and autism.

In the past vaccines were simple. Each vaccine was used for prevention of one disease. There was a problem with mercury that was added to vaccines, but that is no longer the cases because as we all know, mercury is poisonous to human body.

So two things changed – mercury was replaced by other additives (we will talk about this in a minute) and children are being vaccinated with a mixture of vaccines at the same time. This creates much more stress on the immune system as now there are simultaneously injected in the body not one, but two, three or even more vaccines at the same time. While the immune system had no problems absorbing one vaccine at the time in the past now it has to deal with much stronger “attack” all at once.

But still our immune system could defend itself from the vaccines injected. The real problem, according to Zoran Dernovsek, innovator and author of the RENS H food supplement, is the additives added to the vaccines to extend their expiry date. He is referring to one additive in particular: Aluminium in nanoparticles. Aluminium is a toxic metal for our body and is being inserted into our bloodstream with the vaccine. Because our body is overburdened with pollutants and toxic substances it can no longer detoxify itself naturally. According to recent studies toxic metals accumulate in our brain and start blocking brain functions which can lead to a number of diseases. Autism being one of them.

The method Dernovsek invented is supposed to open up the lymphatic system which enables the body to clean the brain from metals and thus making a way for the body to cleanse itself. He talks about one particular boy with autism who made a major developmental progress after RENS H treatment and there are more public showcases of successful improvements of medical conditions.

If you are interested in what Dernovsek has to say about vaccines in general, human immune system and his breakthrough innovation RENS H, check out his interview at the RENS H users’ community website.

Is there actually a way to cure autism?