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Why Are Japanese Women So Thin

Why Are Japanese Women So Thin

No matter whether your primary workout goal is to get a lean and muscular figure or simply not be overweight anymore, you should choose your protein wisely. There are various types of protein, and they differ in their sequence of amino acids. Known as the “building blocks of the body”, they perform countless functions within our organism. Muscle build and fat loss can be ensured by choosing the right protein, and consuming it at the right time of day. Protein quality has a large effect on protein synthesis/degradation and thermogenesis.


Thermogenesis, to put it simply, is the process of heat production which comes as a result of digestion and metabolism of food. There are various studies, such as this one conducted by Halton and Hu (Department of Nutrition, Harvard School of Public Health), that produced evidence suggesting that high-protein diets result in increased fat and weight loss. When compared to fat and carbohydrates, protein is proven to be more thermogenic. The more energy gets emitted as heat, the less remains available for storage as fat.

Which protein is the best for thermogenesis?

When it comes to thermic effect, not all protein works the same. Certain research results show us that the energy expenditure is higher with animal protein rather than vegetable protein or carbohydrates. It means that the best effect is achieved with a higher quality protein source with all the essential amino acids. A thermogenic ingredient which prevents the converting of carbohydrate to fat is hydroxycitric acid. Instead, it converts it to glycogen and enables it to be utilized as a source of energy. According to a Georgetown University Medical Center study, optimal doses of hydroxicitric acid can effectively contribute to weight-loss, while keeping healthy blood lipid levels. Proteins like Vital strength hydroxy ripped proteins that contain this ingredient are quality fat metabolizers that promote the energy output increase and fat loss. You can go with blends of whey and casein proteins, or just with a good old fashioned whey protein (which is low in calories and fat).

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Thermogenic protein in nature

Adding some of these thermogenic foods to your diet can make it more balanced and help you revitalize your metabolism. The best thermogenic foods are:

  • Lean protein – Egg whites, traditional sirloin, lean bison, and fish are known to boost metabolism through a digestive cycle that is more arduous. The protein in these foods does not convert into a quick sugar like carbohydrates do.
  • High fiber foods – There are various benefits that can be gained by including foods rich in fiber in our diets. For example, a mix of grain and breads make you feel fuller longer and faster, as well as berries and apples which also provide many wonderful nutrients.
  • Green tea – It has been linked to cancer prevention, improving one’s memory, and weight loss. Green tea inhibits amylase which aids in the digestion of carbs, or to put it simply – it blocks receptors from making body fat.
  • Spicy vegetables – Spicy foods raise our metabolism by raising the core body temperature. This leads to increase in calorie burning. The spicier the food, the higher the thermogenic rate. Include hot peppers in your diet, or make yourself a great snack by combining hot salsa with baked potato or bean and rice chips.

Consuming thermogenic protein, in combination with exercising, one can boost the fat loss process by speeding up metabolism rates. Increase the intake of thermogenic protein through foods rich in it and quality supplements (if additional energy is needed).


Be a friend to your body during post-workout
The post-workout phase is just as important and as crucial as the pre-workout phase and almost as the actual workout. For instance, the muscle tissue that is gained is not gained during the actual workout. It is gained after the workout, as new muscle tissue is grown in the catabolic process that fills out the microtears in the muscle tissue that are achieved through working out. This is just one of the reasons why post-workout phase is so important and why you should be a friend to your body during this phase.
1. Get some fluids in you
You will have lost gallons of fluids during your workout, no matter what type of workout you have just had and it is absolutely crucial that you do everything to replenish the levels of fluids in your body. Water is essential for pretty much every process in your body, including the building of muscles, and without enough water, your workout will be dramatically less effective.

2. Do not forget to stretch
Stretching is not the coolest thing in the world and you may see yourself as an old man or woman who is getting ready for their power walk, but it is absolutely necessary that you do stretch after your workout. Of course, it goes without saying that you will want to stretch before the workout, but doing this afterwards is also important. This will help reduce soreness and it will also relieve much of the muscular tension that will workout supplements

3. Eat right
During your workout, you will spend a lot of fuel and you need to make sure that you replenish the fuel by eating all the right foods. In general, it is recommended that you eat within an hour of your workout and the most important nutrients to replenish are complex carbohydrates ad high quality protein. Greek yogurt, for instance, is a great source of protein and of carbohydrates as well. Fruit salads and fruit in general will provide you with needed carbs and also help with absorption of nutrients that you get from other foods. Wholegrain cereal and sandwich wraps with whole grain will also be a great choice.

4. Do not discard supplements
If you are truly serious about your muscle gain and if you want to achieve the most with your workouts, you should seriously consider post-workout supplements that will provide you with all the right nutrients. For instance, protein supplements can do wonders for your muscle building, as can creatine. Branched-chain amino acids are also involved in muscle protein synthesis and they are also recommended as post-workout supplements. All of these post-workout supplements will work best if they are taken within 45 minutes of the workout, in the post-workout window of opportunity.
5. Do some DIY contrast water therapy
Contrast water therapy is a procedure where you apply hot and cold water alternately to the muscles that have been exercised. Usually, it is recommended doing 2 minutes of hot water and then 30 seconds of cold water. This should be repeated at least four times during one go. This has been shown to reduce occurrence and symptoms of delayed onset muscle soreness greatly.

6. Get some sleep
When we sleep, our body excretes the growth hormone which, as it name would suggest, is directly connected to the creation of new muscle tissue. This means that you should try and get some high quality sleep as soon as you can manage. If not, set aside some time for rest and relaxation that will both help you enhance your results and also allow your body to recover.

Weight Loss for better health

Obesity is a medical condition characterized by excessive accumulation of fat in the body. A person is said to be obese if his/her BMI (body mass index) is greater than or equal to 30. Today obesity is a global issue. According to WHO, more than 10 percent of the worlds adult population are obese.

A person’s chances of getting high blood pressure are greater if he/she is obese. High blood pressure can cause considerable damage to the body. Obesity poses many health risks. As the BMI increases, so does the risk of CHD (coronary heart disease). CHD is a dangerous medical condition is which plaque builds up inside the coronary arteries, thereby narrowing them. This results in reduced blood flow to the heart muscles, causing angina or heart attack.

Buildup of plaque in the arteries may lead to rupture in the affected area. This causes blood clot. If the clot is close to the brain it can impede blood flow to the brain, thereby causing stroke.

If a person is obese, he/she is at the risk of having abnormal levels of blood fats. This again increases the risk of CHD. Obese people are more likely to be affected by type 2 diabetes, which is a leading cause of stroke, CHD, early death, blindness and kidney conditions.

Obesity increases the risk of cancers of the colon, endometrial, gall bladder and breast. Excessive body weight puts more pressure on the joints, thereby damaging them slowly. Obesity is known to cause sleep apnea, reproductive problems and gall stones.

It you are obese, it is definitely advisable to focus on losing weight as soon as possible. Fortunately today there are many effective ways to lose weight. One such safe way is the use of diet pills.

Many brands offer diet pills. Many of them are also available online. It is important to choose those that are safe and effective, like Fat Burners. According to many experts, diet pills with ephedrine are safe and effective.

Ephedrine, which is obtained from Ephedra Sinica plant, is an excellent fat burning agent. It is well-known for its metabolism boosting properties. This naturally occurring substance burns fat very effectively.

Many people who were affected by obesity are benefiting from Liquid Fire Fat Burner. This amazing fat burning supplement is well-known for its fat burning capabilities. This supplement which is offered by GE Pharma uses a high octane delivery system.

Weight Loss for better health