FOSHAN Wheelchair

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The FOSHAN city is famous for being the capital of Chinese Kung Fu. The FOSHAN City in Guangdong Province is commonly considered as the modern home of Kung Fu globally. As an economically central city in the Pearl River Delta, FOSHAN began to have different Kung Fu schools which later prospered and become famous worldwide. The FOSHAN city is the hometown of house-hold Kung Fu names like Wong Fei-hung, Leung Jan, and Bruce Lee.

The city is also famous for the creation of The Shadowless Kick, which is also known as the No-Shadow Kick or Ghost-Shadow Kick. It is a martial arts technique in the Hung Gar collection and was made famous by Wong Fei Hung; Chinese folk hero who is believed to have used it to great effect. The shadowless kick has frequently been portrayed in fiction. Often it is shown as a simple but blindingly fast kick, in which the upper body; the head and arms remain still while the kick is done leaving the challenger unconscious of the incoming attack until after it has been made.

 The FOSHAN Steel Manual Wheelchair

The FOSHAN Manual Wheelchair like the Shadowless Kong Fu kick is also made in the FOSHAN city in Guangdong Province. It has many excellent functions like having an aluminum chair frame with Super lightweight, a flip up and height adjustable desk armrest, a foldable wheelchair, a detachable strong footrest, a quick Release PU MAG wheel, a solid castor with carrying and anti-wheel. The wheelchair can carry weight up to 285lbs, has an ergonomic design and super width for extra comfort. With the FOSHAN manual wheelchair you get a lifetime quality insurance. Its high strength steel pipe materials and folding structure gives an additional amazing benefit. Its foot bracket can be turned on and the pedals can be adjusted to preference.

The FOSHAN Manual Wheelchair is a wheeled mobility device in which the user sits and is driven manually.

The Wheelchair is used by individuals who walking is difficult or impossible for, due to illness which are either physical or physiological, injury, or disability. For these individuals, the FOSHAN Manual Wheelchair assists these to become more mobile and independent. Using the FOSHAN Manual Wheelchair makes life more bearable for those who use it because it makes them able to move around freely, do some tasks themselves and feel comfortable. It is easy to maintain and lightweight.

Life with the FOSHAN wheelchair makes users happier, taking away depression and the feeling of loneliness because these users can still do some things others can do, which gives them life satisfaction.

The FOSHAN Manual Wheelchair Description

The FOSHAN wheelchair’s Seat Width is 18.2inch, Height 20.5inch and Depth 15.8inch. Its Back Height is 16.2.inch, Length 32.7inch, Height 36.6inch, and its Width 26.4inch.

The wheelchair’s Folded Width is 13inch, its Front Wheel 6inch and Rear Wheel 20inch. It has a Net weight of 37.5lbs and Gross weight of 41.9lbs. Its Maximum Capacity is up to 285lbs, its Folded Size is 32.7*13*36.6inch, Open Size 32.7*26.4*36.6inch and Shipping Dimensions 34.7*14.6*37.5inch. Amazingly, The FOSHAN wheelchair’s Armrest and Footrest are Detachable. Its ASIN is B073V15BHK and UPC 712179595781.

Just as the popular FOSHAN shadowless kick has been in existence for a long time as an amazing Kong Fu style, this amazing steel manual foldable wheelchair is here to stay with more great features to gives comfort to the special individuals who use it.


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FOSHAN Wheelchair