Top 5 Energy Fruits For A Busy Day

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Top 5 Energy Fruits For A Busy Day

Many people find their days are full of activities from morning till night. Work, family needs and personal interests can make each day a challenge of time-management and energy depletion. You can help restore your energy by eating the healthy snacks in this article that give you fuel without causing negative effects on your health. Experts say eating the whole fruit is much better for you than simply drinking the juice because the fiber helps to slow digestion and metabolism of fructose. The following snacks have been given the tick of approval by the team at Medland Dental.



“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is an old adage for a good reason. Apples provide a good burst of energy for your busy day and have good fiber for absorption of sugar. Apples are easy to carry and don’t require refrigeration. You can take them anywhere and have them on hand when you need it. The crunchiness of applies also helps to clean bacteria from teeth after meals, which will keep your dentist happy.



For a quick burst of potassium for cell function, cardiovascular health and energy. With B vitamins, phosphorus and antioxidants, bananas provide a great source of carbohydrates for energy throughout the day. They can give you the same boost of energy as a sports drink and help protect against Type-2 diabetes, calcium loss and blood sugar fluctuations. They also support the nervous system and add iron to your diet. Their easy-to-carry form makes them a good fit for backpacks and lunchboxes. Pack a banana to provide that energy boost you need to get through a busy day.



Long known as one of the healthiest foods, an orange provide fructose for energy plus antioxidants for cardiovascular health and immune system support. The vitamin C in oranges helps to reduce inflammation, boost resistance to colds and help you to maintain your weight. With a low glycemic index, oranges also protect against insulin resistance that leads to Type-2 diabetes. Eating an orange during your busy day not only gives you the energy you need; it also provides extra vitamins and phosphorus that help your body to function more efficiently.



Pineapple is one of the most energy-rich fruits available. Its rich carbohydrate content makes it a natural for mid-afternoon low points when you need energy replenishment. Pineapple has high amounts of manganese, a mineral that aids in healthy bones and joints. It also contains a compound called bromelain, which is associated with digestion health and anti-inflammatory effects. The bromelain, along with pineapple’s vitamin C, can help to reduce mucous in the nose and throat, helping to shorten the length of colds and other respiratory problems. Vitamin B, copper, fiber and folate all help to make pineapple a good choice to restore energy reserves during your busy day. Pineapple is also full of flavor, to help you feel satisfied when you’re trying to manage your weight.



For a tasty and effective energy boost during the day, pack a handful of strawberries. Plump, juicy and flavourful, these snacks provide carbohydrates that your body can utilize quickly and efficiently. With vitamin C to boost immunity, antioxidants to reduce inflammation and anthocyanins to protect your heart, strawberries pack an energy and nutritional punch. The polyphenols in strawberries even remove bacteria from teeth to keep your dentist happy.



Top 5 Energy Fruits For A Busy Day