Secret To Longevity

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So how was halloween?  Had you a good time?  It sure is a fun time of year.  It may be special for kids but there is a kid inside all of us – isn’t that right!

This is going to be a very simple but to the point email.  You want to live a long vibrant, fulfilling life where you remain independent and healthy into your final years and get to do everything you want in
life so that you can end your days without regrets – right?

Well here is your prescription:

Create a positive mindset – use positive language, flood your mind with positive material both audio & visual. Make sure to surround yourself with like-minded people and always see the glass as being half full.

Exercise regularly every week – minimum 20 mins a day 3 days per week.
This should be one of the core parts of each day.  Stay energetic and healthy, lean and strong.

Eat organic unprocessed natural foods, mainly plant based and especially
eat plentiful supplies of fruits, veg, salad and berries.  These need to be
the foundation of your nutrition plan.  See
for solution I have to getting 26 portions a day!

Only use medication and drugs as a very last resort.  These generally
cause tempory relieve and create a massive toxic buildup in your system.
Keep your immune system strong with the food mentioned in last paragraph,

Make sure to get high quality sleep.  6 – 8 hours per night.  Sleep is when
your body gets to rejuvenate and repair itself so make sure it does.

Stay stress free or at least learn to cope with stress.  Life is not easy and
never will be. Life will always through curveballs at you.  However always
ask yourself this simple question – What is the Worst that Can Happen?
Works for me everytime. And in times of stress you must keep a clear head
so getting all flustered, angry and agitated will not get you out of it. Strategic
planning and decision making will.  Take action!!

How many of the above do you currently adhere to in your lifestyle?

Make sure to implement right now!!!  We can all lead long vibrant energetic long
lives but there are core principles we must live by – there they are !!