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Obesity is the most visible problem of today. It sometimes seems like a contagion, given the intensity with which it spreads. We’ve come up with hormonal treatment and aesthetic surgeries, but there is only one proper and natural way to deal with this menace, and that is by finding a personalized nutritional plan and sticking to it. When it comes to being on a diet, looking like a model or fitting into your favorite jeans are just the visual benefits of a much deeper healthy regeneration of the body.

Although phrases like “having large bones” or “simply genetics” are an ongoing thing, and more often than not, an excuse, the truth is that the main reason behind global obesity are global food trends. High calorie, low quality food is also full of various toxins and substances that have a devastating effect on our organism. Liquid diets are an effective and proven method for losing weight, but more importantly, for clearing the body from all these harmful toxins. As everything else in life, it has its negative and positive sides.

An Efficient Diet

Diet is a Greek word defining the eating habits of an individual. Diets that are good for losing weight are those that consist of taking in fewer calories than you used to. For the purpose of introducing a drop in calorie-intake, liquid diets are second to none. Replacing a meal or two daily with smoothies will drastically reduce your daily calorie count, paving the way for your imminent weight loss.

But because this change is so rapid, it can sometimes trigger the weight loss yo-yo effect. What this means is that while you are on this diet you will lose your weight rapidly, but once you return to a a regular diet, there is a good chance that you will instantly regain all those lost pounds, and perhaps even add on a few.

A Sustainable Diet


In order for any diet to be truly efficient it needs to be sustainable first. What this means is that a good diet, and a holistic diet at that, is not one you can maintain for a couple of weeks every time you gain some weight and then go back to your old ways, but one that you can keep for a longer period of time without feeling restricted in any way. This is why a liquid diet is best only when it is partial. Instead of changing all your solid meals for liquid ones, mix them up! Try to replace one or two solid meals a day with liquid meals, and you will see that this method is not only easier to maintain, but also less invasive on the body.

A great step in this direction would be to replace your daily coffee intake for a healthy skinny tea, or even better, specialized teas such as those from Slim Tea. This is a change so small, that in your daily business you will hardly notice it, but on the level of your general health the change will be drastic, in a positive way. Tea still contains the dose of caffeine that you need in order to get through the day, but is also better for your health because it clears all harmful toxins in your body and helps you lose some weight on its own.

A Doctor’s Approval

Before you start a liquid diet, it would be best to consult with a doctor. This is especially important for people on insulin and women who are expecting, since this diet, at least in its most drastic form, is harsh, and not recommended for just about anyone.

As anything else that is good in life, liquid diets are great for your health only when done in moderation. Before starting one, make sure to do proper research on the topic and consult your doctor. Afterwards, all you have to do is make a sound diet plan and schedule in order to drastically improve your life standard.

Detoxifying Is Vital for Cancer Prevention and Cancer Treatment



Detoxifying Is Vital for Cancer Prevention and Cancer Treatment