Who Are The Eggasiancy And What Do They Do?

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1.When did your business first start?

We started in 2015.

2. Do you have a mission statement and if so what is it?
Our mission statement is working through the challenge of infertility as a team.  We believe in having a positive attitude and being grateful to have the opportunity to work with prospective parents and our Asian egg donors.

3.What are your business goals for the next 5 years? We hope to continue to serve prospective parents and Asian egg donors in the US and also raise more awareness about infertility in the Asian culture and help to destigmatize it.

4.What was the most difficult thing when it came to setting up the company. Probably the most difficult thing was technology. We have gone through a few IT professionals.  Finally, we found a great one but it took a little time.

5. Who are your ideal clients? Prospective parents who wish to work with an Asian egg donor to help form their families.  And, prospective Asian egg donors who wish to give back to someone going through a challenging time in their life.


You can visit our website at www.eggasiancy.com  if you are a prospective Asian egg donor or a prospective parent looking for an Asian egg donor.


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