The truMedic TENS Unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

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The truMedic TENS Unit (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) PL-009 is designed with quality and durability in mind to treat your pain areas on your body quickly and effectively. It works by sending stimulating pulses across the surface of the skin and along the nerve strands. The stimulating pulses help prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. They also help stimulate your body to produce higher levels of its own natural painkillers, called “Endorphins”. Our factory is ISO-9001 certified, meaning that it conforms to international standards of excellence in manufacturing, it’s CE certified for sale in Europe and FDA-Approved. You can order with confidence, knowing that quality is built in.


The truMedic PL-009 TENS Unit Machine features Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) that can relief back, shoulder, foot, neck and virtually any acute or chronic pain within minutes. TENS therapy can help break the pain cycle by loosening the muscles and relieving pain. Here are some highlights to this TENS machine pain relief system:


  • The Secret To Stopping Stress, Muscle Soreness, Stiffness, or Chronic Pain Is Yours! The Simplest Tens Pulse Massager Is Also the Most Advanced! – Whether you’ve been at the gym a lot recently, or simply find yourself with stiffness, sore muscles, or chronic pain, You’ll want to order one of the truMedic Pl-009’s today. Stop Your Pain – FAST! Take Advantage of This Amazing, Limited-Time Bonus Offer by Clicking the Buy Button Now!


  • This delightful state-of-the-art TENS electrotherapy unit will do wonders to reduce pain, stimulate your nerves and muscles and relax your body – anytime you feel the need.


  • Small and Lightweight – At only 5.3 Ozs and no bigger than a remote control, this unit packs enough power to thoroughly massage your body, but can travel with you anywhere you like. Take it to the gym, on a trip, or even to the office – it fits in your briefcase or purse – and batteries ARE included!


  • Easy To Use – The truMedic PL-009 is very simple to use. Buttons are clearly labelled with words like “Shoulder”, “Waist”, and “Hands”, not “Pulse-Width”, or “Waveform.” The large LCD display shows you at a glance exactly what is happening, including the type of massage “Massage, Beat, or Knead” and the time left on the cycle. It’s fully automatic!


  • Effective – 5 Auto Stimulation Programs, Fully-adjustable Speed & Intensity, 3 Selectable Massage Settings, Uses High-Frequency Pulses to Provide Pain Relief. If you have one of the following conditions, please consult with your physician before purchasing or using this device. Any acute disease; tumor; infectious disease; pregnant; heart disease; high fever; abnormal blood pressure; lack of skin sensation or an abnormal skin condition; any condition requiring the active supervision of a physician




  • Can be used on your shoulders, legs, arms, neck, back, and feet
  • Compact, portable, micro-computer-controlled device
  • May help to relieve pain and numbness caused by a stiff neck, carpal-tunnel syndrome and other conditions causing chronic


TENS Units are used to control chronic and acute pain including Rheumatoid and Osteo-arthritis, Back pain, Menstrual Pain, Labour Pain, Peripheral Nerve Injuries, Shingles, Headache and Migraine, Cancer Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Phantom Limb Pain, Sports Injuries, Sciatica, Aching Joints, Post Operative Pain, Muscular Pain, Whiplash and Neck Injury and many other painful conditions.


It is simple and easy to use. Four Electrode Pads are placed near or around the areas in pain.


Because it is Dual Channel, you can use 2 or all 4 Electrode Pads at the same time with this muscle stimulator.


You control the pulse width, pulse rate, and intensity and in just 20 minutes per day you will experience dramatic pain relief!