The Dangers Of Genetically Modified Food

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The Dangers Of Genetically Modified Food


Genetically modified food items are examples of the hazards of technological advancement. Many well-meaning people have opposed this.

Genetically modified foods are relatively new and are derived from genetically modified organisms. These organisms would have had changes introduced into their DNA by genetic engineering techniques.

Genetically modified foods are known to have a negative impact on human health. Many studies have linked genetically modified foods to a variety of health issues.

These include immune dysfunction, accelerated ageing, organ damage, reproductive disruption and insulin disorder. Many countries have banned the use of these foods. Here are some genetically modified foods with the dangers they are known to cause.

Hamsters fed with genetically modified soy were not able to have offspring. They also suffered higher mortality rate. The color of the testicles of male rats fed with genetically modified soy changed from pink to blue. GM soy is known to destroy the DNA of sperm and embryos.

Female rats fed with the GM soy experienced higher infant mortality rate. Surviving baby rats were less fertile and were smaller in size. Mice fed with genetically modified corn had fertility issues and smaller offspring.

Fertility related conditions like premature delivery, infertility, abortion, prolapsed uteri, delivery of unformed infants and infant death were observed in farm animals fed with genetically modified foods.

Many farmers suffered from severe rashes on exposure to genetically modified cotton. Genetically modified rice tends to cause allergic reactions. Mortality rate increased in animals which were fed with genetically modified tomatoes.

Cows are injected with genetically modified bovine growth hormone. This hormone is created by Monsanto, a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation. The hormone is supposed to increase the cow’s milk yield.

Milk obtained from cows treated with this hormone contains increased levels of IGF-1 (insulin growth factors – 1). Increased levels of IGF – 1 in the body may cause cancers of the colon and the breast.

Mice fed with genetically modified potatoes suffered from increased levels of harmful toxins in their body. Genetically modified peas may affect normal functioning of the immune system.

Thousands of animals that have been fed with genetically modified crops (to produce the pesticide Bt) have died in the United States of America. This has been proved during autopsies.

Many experts believe that genetically modified foods involve risks of unknown toxins and allergens. This was proved in the year 1989 in the L – tryptophan supplement case. This supplement caused 37 deaths and affected more than 1,500 people.

Genetically modified foods are widely used in theUS. Unfortunately the government has not taken any measures in this direction. More shocking fact is that the food items are not even labeled to indicate the use of GMO. This is indeed appalling.

Individuals and organizations (interested in the well-being of humanity as a whole) should take up the matter in their hands. Media should be used to create awareness. Human health and well-being is definitely more important than the profit margins of some self-seeking corporations.

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The Dangers Of Genetically Modified Food