The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

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The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana

There are so many cases proving the benefits of Marijuana including curing cancer and numerous other diseases too many to list here.

The problem is because Marijuana is so easy to grow it is relatively inexpensive, and unfortunately the pharmaceutical companies government cannot rip us off like they do for the majority of toxic drugs because of this.Like the toxic crap they prescribe to the general public. In fact the majority of deaths are not caused by heart disease or cancer it is caused by medically legally prescribed drugs and so called disease treatments. I myself have seen the results of their treatments and drugs first hand including two of my closest relatives. So you can enlighten yourself and do the research or you can continue to go and pop pills from your GP thinking they are going to help you..

It doesn’t benefit them financially to make you better they want you sick so you will keep paying them billions per year.You can look for the natural cures or you can believe the crap they feed you and do chemotherapy. Reduce your chance of being alive after being diagnosed with cancer from 50% to 5% the choice is yours. As I am not a doctor and haven’t studied read through the pharmaceutical companies drug and medical teachings for 10 years. I of course am not qualified to give you medical advice so don’t listen to a word I say. One personal word of advice I follow is not to visit government websites looking for real answers. Like politicians,pharmaceutical companies and governments are corrupt and want to keep you sick and broke and as slaves to them. But it is up to yourselves if you want to open the blinders and see this for yourself.

Or continue to live in a world of flouride,T.V. soaps and work and watching bombings they have arranged so you are too busy to think about what is really going on the choice is yours there are many other really interesting videos about the benefits of cannabis including to make fuel for your car.. But I doubt the government oil and energy companies would like you to know about that or you wouldn’t have to go to work every day to feed their coffers..

The Benefits Of Medical Marijuana