Why Protein Shakes Are Used for Weight Loss?

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Why Protein Shakes Are Used for Weight Loss?

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In order to know why protein shakes are used for weight loss, you first need to know what exactly they are.

  •         What is Protein Shake?

Protein shake, which looks like a milkshake drink, is a powdered form of protein, such as Soy or Whey. It is a byproduct of the cheese making process. Any particular flavor of choice could be added to the powder and then mixed with milk or water. A recommended protein intake of 65g a day for men and 46g a day for women is essential. However, the amount of each serving may vary which include about 20g of protein on average.

  •         What is Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a reduction of body mass either as a result of voluntary actions, like exercise or diet or as a result of involuntary circumstances, like illness. Most typical cases of weight loss happen due to depleted body fat. But in some severe cases, protein and other minerals in the body can be reduced.

  •         Why Protein Shakes Are Used for This Purpose?

From the definitions listed above, it could easily be deduced that protein shake for weight loss is a drink that is prepared with the intentions of helping a person lose weight voluntarily. A creamy protein shake for weight loss can lower the amount of ghrelin, a hunger-stimulating hormone and effectively suppress one’s appetite.

However, protein shakes for weight loss cannot provide a 100% guarantee on total weight loss or a good muscular physique if resistant exercise is not done by the individual.

Weight loss shakes have lots of protein as well as fiber, and a carefully planned diet can give the same health benefits as a protein shake. Protein can be gotten naturally from dairy foods eaten during the day to help an individual put on muscle mass and lose fat. Protein is used for the production of tissue, hormones, enzymes, and some immune system component.

Examples of food rich in protein are dairy, eggs and meat. Any protein shake for weight loss works because it reduces the number of kilo joules consumed in a day, thereby cutting out the total amount of carbohydrates. It is, however, crucial to keep eating a balanced diet when you drink protein shakes.

  •         Which is the best choice of Protein?

Whey protein is a favorite supplement for those who intend to put on muscle mass, enhance their physique, burn out fat and improve their health. The best way to find out the kind of protein that suits a particular need is to go for a “protein quality test.”

While trying to lose weight, drinking a protein shake after a workout session is the best time so that the protein can be delivered to the muscle in order to heal the micro tear in the muscle. Without a specific amount of protein in the body, our muscle and tissue will not heal quickly which will lead to over training the muscle and eventually an injury.

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Why Protein Shakes Are Used for Weight Loss?