Is it possible to lose weight in 17 days?

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17 days diet is one of my favorite diets and it is recommended for people with really fast metabolisms. The reason for this is that if your metabolism is really fast then the diet is considered to be really suitable for you because 17 days is not that much time when it comes to weight loss. I don’t know if you are aware of this fact but there is a book named  17 days diet and it was really successful. As a matter of fact it was a bestseller. This should speak for itself.

Anyway, what you should know about this diet is that in its basis is lying a strict carbohydrate cycle and you should be really disciplined and stick to it without any diversions. The diet includes 4 main cycles. The first one is called Accelerate and during it you need to decrease the whole intake of carbohydrates. In that way you will promote the fat burning. By the way if you want to stimulate the fat burning you should start doing different exercises (find what exercise burns the most fat). The second phase is called Activate and it includes the fresh start of new carbohydrate cycle. This is what the basis of this diet is – reset your metabolism and stimulate the fat burning.

Number 3 on the list is Achieve – what matters here is that you will develop some healthy eating habits because in this phase you will have to start to eat some of your favorite but restricted foods. And last but not least – Arrive – this is the last step of the diet and it allows you to achieve your desired weight and eat your favorite foods on determined by you days.

By the way you can add some benefits of CLA supplements to your diet. They will increase the speed of the fat burning and the results will come faster than expected. Like most of the diets the usage of raspberry ketones is recommended but there is one important thing that you need to pay attention to here. This thing is called natural raspberry ketones side effects. This is a topic that has been discussed lots of times on internet so if you are interested you can find lots of valuable information. I would recommend you to start reading because it is important and is really good to know everything about the side effects.
Lots of people think that there is no way to lose weight but this is a big mistake. You can easily improve your look and self-confidence by simply sticking to the 17 days diet. Many people have tried and succeeded. If you want to become one of those persons then just look at the calendar, pick up a day and start sticking to the 17 days diet. This is a really great way to lose weight in less than a month and the best thing here is that it actually works. You can find lots of happy people who have lost weight with the help of the diet!