Health tips for Women

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Health tips for women
This is some health tips for women.
Women nowadays have a lot to do – we work,we look after the house , upbringing the children , care for older relatives are some of responsibilities that we carry on our shoulders. That leaves leaves sometimes little or no time for yourself.

Fatigue, weight gain, breast cancer, osteoporosis, iron deficiency are all result of unhealthy lifestyle . But making small changes to your diet can significantly improve your health, from easing your menstrual and menopausal symptoms to strengthening bones and protecting your heart.

Healthy eating is a way of balancing the food you eat to keep your body strong, loaded and well fed. Regardless of your age, choosing a healthy diet will help you look and feel your best. Here are some health tips for women.

1. Cut back on junk food and fast food takeaways. Junk food not only causes excessive weight gain, may cause further irritation of acne, headaches, cavities and bad moods. Try to have a wide variety of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, rice, legumes, fish, poultry, seeds, nuts etc.
2.Increase the consumption of green vegetables.These are the best sources of calcium – leafy green vegetables, cabbage, beans, seeds and nuts. Calcium can only work when taken with magnesium. Good sources of magnesium include leafy green vegetables, whole grains, nuts, oatmeal, etc.

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3.More Vitamin D: Vitamin D increases calcium absorption and is required for normal bone metabolism. The best source is sunlight which is also the most natural way to increase your immune system.
4.More iron: Many women do not get enough iron in your diet and on top of that, they lose much of it during menstruation (due to blood loss). Iron is essential for the production of red blood cells that helps transport oxygen through your body. Without enough iron, anemia, iron deficiency can develop, leading to symptoms such as fatigue, pallor and headache. Choose the plant sources of iron like spinach, almonds, lentils, whole grains. Including foods containing vitamin C in your diet can significantly increase the amount of iron absorbed from plant sources.
5.The right protein: Your muscles need protein, and can not function properly without it.Do not overdo the consumption of animal protein.When the animal protein is not absorbed by the body becomes a time bomb and increases the chances of osteoporosis and other illnesses.

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6.Include organic Soy: Soy is a rich source of isoflavones, an estrogen-like substance in plants. Some studies have shown that regularly eating moderate amounts of soy-based foods may help reduce menopausal symptoms.

7.More Folic Acid: Folic acid keeps your blood healthy and lack of it might cause anemia.You can increase the Folic acid in their diet, including green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, strawberries and legumes.You can also take folic acid supplements.

8.Limit and eliminate saturated fats and trans fats:. Avoid food rich in saturated fats and trans fats (especially junk food), and foods that are rich in unsaturated fat instead, such as vegetable oils (including sunflower, rapeseed and olive oil), oily fish, nuts and seeds. Saturated fats and trans fats may increase risk for certain diseases such as cardiovascular disease and stroke. On the other hand, unsaturated fats – monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats – contribute to your health. They are essential for healthy brain function, glowing skin and absorbing fat-soluble vitamins.
9.Reduce salt: Fluid retention is common in the days before a woman period because certain hormones encourage the body to hold salt (sodium). Too much salt increases the risk of developing high blood pressure. You should aim for no more than 6 grams per day. Using herbs and spices instead of salt in cooking and be very sparing with salt.
10 .Moderate or no Alcohol: drinking too much alcohol can, over time, damage your heart and raised blood pressure. Also, drinking more than one drink per day increases the risk of some cancers, including breast cancer. Keep alcohol consumption to a minimum to take advantage of the benefits.
Those are some health tips for women and when you include them in your life you can start seeing results very fast.

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