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It is off season, and it is nearly impossible for you to bike outside possibly due to snow or cold weather. So what do you do to keep in shape for the next season? Why spinning of course! This is a great way to keep fit, lose weight, and keep you challenged during the off season. You don’t have to worry about the snow, rain or crappy weather because you are safely tucked away inside a gym. Many racers and marathoners use this method to keep in shape when they can’t take to the street.

If you don’t mind being in a room with a bunch of other sweaty people this is a great way to make some new friends. You are typically in a group with one instructor leading the group. The only down side to spinning is you have to really push yourself to get the maximum benefit out of it.

When you look for a certified spinning instructor, be sure to ask around and try to get feedback if it is possible. A good reputable trainer will be mindful of your blood pressure and other vitals, and teach you to breathe properly. Certified trainers will not push you to overdo the routines. Certified instructors will also lead the group from warm up routines of the spinning to hill climbing and other techniques to cool down period.

You will want to know that the instructor knows everything about how your body works so that you can get the best seating and not end up with injury to your hips, back and spine. Try to get to know your instructor, and have a good one it could save you thousands in doctors’ bills and a lot of pain.

Spinning on the bike allows you to adjust the peddling so it is right you, just as you would on a real bike.

When done in the correct form, spinning is a great way to lose weight, make friends and stay in shape while Jack Frost has his fun during the winter months. Personal trainer Hackney