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Do Electric Heaters Affect Your Health?

Since I was extremely young I always had a low tolerance to many kinds of electric heaters. I remember a few times falling asleep in my bedroom with an electric heater on and the next day waking up with a horrible headache..  Within a few days this turned to a flu with breathing difficulties and a blocked chest..  Now if this had of been one time I might have thought this is a concidence but the same thing happened to me over and over again..  The only other thing to give me headaches was when my parents smoked in the house while I was sleeping.. Both of these things where guaranteed to have my head splitting and in the case of the heater sick for a few days as well.

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I am sure some of you have already had this experience before. The reason I am writing about it to you today is that sometimes we are not in tune with our bodies.


And in those cases you may do things that effect you. Without even realising.  Recently I decided to get a couple of electric oil filled heaters for the house I figured that the oil filled ones would just operate like a normal radiator. Heat up the panel but not give the toxic dryness that electric heater elements do when exposed to the air.

Unfortunately one of my friends told me about an oil heater for sale he saw in an auction. So I bought it. Having past experiences over the years with electric heaters I had the sense to not put it straight into my room. So I placed it in the downstairs hall, now the house is an old house with high ceilings so not the kind of place to make stuffy that easily..  But that night I went to bed and forgot to turn off the heater in the hall. Next morning woke up hardly able to breathe with a thumping headache.

As A child I used to get migraines all the time but I rarely ever get a headache so this this was definetely not a coincidence..  When I checked out the heater thoroughly I saw inside the heater elements it wasn’t an oil filled radiator after all.  So I went out to my local DIY store and bought one for £90 I put the heater on in my office closed the door all day and voila… No sickness or headaches and flue free..  I used to get a flu every month or two but since I stopped drinking milk and we put onions on the window in the kitchen I don’t even get it once a year 🙂  Of course the casein in milk  is the glue that holds your wooden furniture together and sticks labels on your wine bottles..  So put that into your body and you can get a little blocked up … From time to time so stopping drinking the glue also helped to eliminate the colds..

Yesterday I had a friend call around to the house.. He was having difficulties breathing , he told me for the last six months he has been like that.  I knew he had switched from a house with central heating to electric a while ago ..  I asked him when did you start using electric heaters. To which he replied 6 months hmm you can guess what I told him?In the next few weeks I will let you know the result.. 🙂


Do Electric Heaters Affect Your Health?