Benefits of Switching to Organic Makeup

Laura Hollington  — 

The term “organic” is the ultimate buzzword in health circles, and has been for years now. No matter whether we are talking about food, cosmetics or clothing. However, the main thing that is preventing it from absolutely eliminating the products made from various harmful chemicals out of the competition is probably the fairly high price. If you find out how many benefits can come from using organic makeup and skin care products, it will make you realize that it is completely priceless and you should not try to save any money when buying beauty products.

The essential advantage

There is an infinite number of advantages organic makeup brings. Let us start with mentioning the fact that human skin’s job is to protect our body and keep our dynamic tissue system up and running. Knowing it, you also should know that it absorbs about 60% of any makeup products it gets in touch with, but sometimes even all of them, and takes it into our bloodstream and you surely do not want to deposit detrimental substances in your circulatory system. If you do, it can be indescribably dangerous, since some ingredients which are used in common cosmetics, such as those derived synthetically or got from petroleum, are often carcinogens or, at least, they are horrible irritants. So, hopefully, now you are aware of the dreadful disadvantages of using products of big pharmaceutical makers, because they would rather care about anything else, but our well-being, so the best option seems to be switching to organic skin care products and not caring about the money along the way.

mineral makeup

Other advantages

Unlike chemical-based makeup, organic makeup is made from the best natural components, such as flowers, plants and so on, that do not cause skin irritation and naturally, it does not contain any toxic ingredients – parabens, phthalates, artificial colors, man-made fragrances, hurtful preservatives, etc. For instance, they are often filled with vegetable or organic essential oils rich with vitamins and fatty acids, which moisturize the skin. Also, they do not damage or pollute the environment and do not require awful animal tests, which is an excellent thing. All of this actually makes organic cosmetics truly good for your health and the appearance of your skin, since it feeds it ingredients that have a remarkably positive effect on your skin. Lastly, you should use them especially if you are suffering from a skin condition.

The last but not the least is some advice on how to find the right products for you and what to look out for. Always check if there are certifications from renowned institutions and avoid those without them, since there are many fraudulent products on the market. You are to check the ingredients, as well, since you might be allergic to some, so watch out (e.g. you are allergic to pollen and the product is derived from flowers).

As  you can see, there are no downsides of using all-natural cosmetics and makeup, so you totally should switch to it as soon as possible, and if you just give it a shot only once, you will never go back to the dreadful makeup full of hurtful chemicals you used, because you will feel the difference immediately.

Laura Hollington