7 Things To Avoid On A Visit To The Dentist

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7 Things To Avoid On A Visit To The Dentist

In today’s post I would like to talk about some things which I would avoid when going to the dentist or else not go at all. When it comes to dental visits many people are scared or even terrified of a dental visit, in fact I was one of the few people I know who didn’t mind going to the dentist. In fact from when we are young we are brainwashed by our parents advertisements and school that we need to visit the dentist every six months and brush our teeth with Colgate..  Well anyway that was the message I always got maybe in your case it was different.

I discovered recently when I went to a health seminar and asked about some health problem I was having that it was coming from my teeth. I will talk more about that in a bit but first I want to tell you why I decided to make this post. Over the last couple of years I have been researching and looking over various things done by the pharmaceutical companies. Hospitals dentists and food manufacturers, It was not a subject I took much notice off until my died a few years ago in a horrible way. In fact I believe it was from drugs(Medically Prescribed) Vaccinations and bad diet that made it happen at such a young age in fact he had a swine flu shot a year before he died. But that is another story..

The reason for this post today is I believe a few visits to the dentist have also done some damage to my own body, but hopefully I will get over it. 🙂 I was speaking to a couple of friends and business clients who both said they where going to the dentist this week and it made me think of the number of people visiting the dentists. Taking advice they believe is smart because the dentist have a certificate that they are the experts right. But the truth is like the hospitals and government employees they only do what they are told by their employers. And their employers are huge companies who make billions every year of our diseases and sicknesses..

Many people believe the doctors want to make them better but they have to peddle so many drugs out per year or else they wouldn’t be in employment. Many doctors do of course want to help you but their training comes from medical schools, the medical schools are funded by government and pharmaceutical sales so they have their own agenda. And it is definetely not your health. I am sure a lot of you will question what I am saying and if you are a doctor or dentist you will not believe it  or think I am a crackpot but this is real do your own research and make sure it isn’t a government website.. Yes the chicken should not go to the fox to ask advice, and I believe you should be the same..

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Okay Back To The Dentist

7 Things To Avoid On A Visit To The Dentist

  1.  Do not allow your dentist to give you amalgam fillings Dr Brian Clements said a few weeks ago at an event in Dublin. That 1 amalgam filling is toxic enough to poison a whole lake so imagine what your body must be going through if you have three or 4 of them. 
  2. Avoid all Fluoride products your dentist recommends and do not not take any from him.
  3. Do not at all costs let him give you a root canal you can see what Dr Joseph Mercola says about root canals here
  4. Do not take any of the antibiotics etc that they try to give you before you find out first what is in them.
  5. Do not take recommended mouthwash from a dentist until you check they are fluoride free and also of other toxic chemicals.
  6. Do not take chewing gum before going to the dentist or at any time as it may contain aspartame which is a deadly neurotoxin.
  7. Repeat no 1 this is deadly never ever get a amalgam filling from your dentist getting amalgam fillings removed and replaced with a plain white filling is what you should do instead..



7 Things To Avoid On A Visit To The Dentist