Chemo Is Not Effective On Most Cancers

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Chemo Is Not Effective On Most Cancers

I am tired of watching people being killed and suffering from Chemotherapy.  In my opinion chemotherapy is a lot worse than cancer in a rare few cases people are cured because their body and immune system what is left of it after the chemo gets rid of it.

But when you look at what it does it is really like hitting your body with a nuke and hoping it will get better. The radiation ends up doing more damage than what your body had in the first place. And causes more types of cancer later down the line from the chemo and radiation.

It drives me crazy the amount of people who are so brainwashed that their doctor is GOD..  He knows everything if the doctor tells you to drink Vortex Bleach you just do it no questions asked.  But if a friend or someone who cares about you tells you to drink wheatgrass for a month which is harmless and helps to cure cancer they refuse as if you are a nutter..

Sadly these people in many cases are the nutters because they end up dead by the very thing that is supposed to cure them over 90% of people treated with chemo and radiation are dead within 5 years.  Without chemo and radiation 40% of cancer sufferers are still alive within 5 years.  Does it make sense to have Chemo I think not unless you have a death wish of course..



Chemo Is Not Effective On Most Cancers